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Producer Kumar Mangat Pathak announces ‘Raid’ sequel to Kanpur perfume merchant Piyush Jain

Kumar Mangat Pathak, a filmmaker, said he will be directing a film called “Raid-2” about the recent tax raids on perfume merchant Piyush Jain in Kanpur and Kannauj. On Tuesday evening, Pathak made the news during a panel discussion at the three-day “Kashi Film Festival” in Varanasi.

As reported by India Today, the GST Intelligence Directorate (DGGI) raided Jain’s home in Kanpur and the Kannauj factory on Sunday, recovering more than Rs 257 crore in cash, 25 kilograms of gold and 250 kilograms of silver.

Pathak, who previously produced Ajay Devgn’s blockbuster “Raid,” said the film just demonstrated that money can fall off walls, however, money has started to come out of walls in recent computer raids in Kanpur and Kannauj. He said the scene of the money escaping from the walls would be included in his sequel, “Raid 2.”

According to Pinkvilla, actor Anupam Kher, who also attended the event, praised the government of Uttar Pradesh for the development of the state’s film metropolis during the roundtable.

He said that thanks to the initiative of the state government, artists from various cities in the state will be able to show their talent. Kher went on to say that artists from all over the world will be able to demonstrate their acting skills as well as their expertise in music and dance.