Musical producer

Producer gives back to students

Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins

American music producer Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins is keeping his promise to donate the proceeds from the sale of his album to various artists, Miungu Ya Muzikito three needy students from Spanish Town, St Catherine.

The students were selected by the Spanish Town-based charity Just For Peace International.

The first recipient is a student at a preparatory school in the former capital. She received a $15,000 donation on Tuesday.

His mother was delighted with the gesture.

“I don’t even know this man [Michael Hudgins], but I pray that God continues to bless him. I was just thinking where the money would come from because it’s time to buy her uniforms for school. God bless you all,” she said after receiving the donation.

The other potential recipients – a high school student and an adult facility – will receive their donations next week. They will each receive $20,000 to help cover their back-to-school expenses.

To be considered, parents of students must be associated with a charitable organization working for peace; children must be enrolled in school and fall into the need category. The ranks of recipients will be monitored by the peace organization.

This year’s funding was for students who lost their fathers to violence in Spanish Town.

“Last year I made a promise to give generously to orphaned children because, God knows, it’s very hard when a breadwinner’s life has been cut short by criminals. I chose Spanish Town because it is a community that has had a number of violent outbreaks leading to violence, with innocent men and even women being murdered,” he said.

“This is just the start of bigger things because next year the number of students will be increased. This will allow more students to be better equipped for school. I am fully aware that several companies have plans for back-to-back deals during this time of year, but there’s definitely room for a lot more to do,” Hudgins continued.

Hudgins – who is from Virginia, USA – the association with Jamaica began about five years ago.

“I’m part of the success story of albums that include a number of Jamaican artists, such as Third World, Don and Kabaka Pyramid. It’s amazing that Spanish Town has such a wealth of musical talent. As a producer executive of Miungu Yes Muzikithis international album performed extremely well on several charts, including number one on Amazon’s Cuba-Caribbean charts and number two in the United States. itunes,” he said.

Several international acts came from Spanish Town. They include actress, singer, model Grace Jones, dancehall acts Lady G, Papa San and Stitchie.