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Producer Faiz Qureshi set to shoot Bollywood web series in Dubai – News

Published: Mon 4 Apr 2022, 1:11 PM

Faiz Qureshi is an Indian film producer who is creating sensational music videos. A producer of popular songs such as ‘Moti Aankh’, ‘Delhi Waaliye’, ‘ziddi sardar haaye ni’ etc., Qureshi is now preparing to shoot in Dubai for a special project.

Speaking about the challenges of filming in Dubai, especially for Indian production houses, Qureshi said, “I stayed in Dubai for almost 20 days to find the most suitable locations for our upcoming web series which will have eight episodes to shoot. in Gurgaon and Dubai.. Dubai has always been like a second home for me. I have held fashion shows there which have been quite well accepted by people. It is thanks to the love of people and the wide network of friends there that we were able to finalize the locations and now nothing seems impossible”

We faced many challenges due to Covid-19 in Dubai, and it was because of these restrictions that we had to complete the filming of Habibi song by converting locations from Rajasthan to Dubai. Our team of 200 people were tasked with recreating the Dubai locations in India, so it was quite a cumbersome process, but now we’re ready to shoot in Dubai.”

Qureshi is known for being a rock to his team and helping people move forward in their aspirations. “I strongly believe that no growth happens alone, you grow when your employees grow and for me, my team is my greatest support system. It is thanks to the tireless efforts of my team that we have created such videos which have received so much love from our fans. It has motivated us to keep raising the bar of our videos every time,” Qureshi said when asked about a team’s role in producing songs. very popular.

“In each of my projects, I try to give new faces a chance to show their caliber and it was also seen in this movie released on MX Player called ‘Mehak Sugandh, so I try to promote as many new talent”.

Talking about the cast and plot of his upcoming web series, Qureshi said, “The web series is primarily a suspense thriller that will feature some of the best senior actors in Bollywood and we have also cast actors from Dubai as they are extremely talented with a willingness to work in Bollywood, however, they don’t have a platform to show their potential.”

Speaking about the ambiguity on the release platform, Qureshi said, “Like our hit song Delhi Waaliye, our upcoming web series will also contain festive and energetic songs that we hope our audience will enjoy. yet finalized the platform among Netflix, Amazon Prime and MX Player.”

Born on March 7, 1993, Qureshi hails from Meerut, India. He studied at Graphic Era University in Dehradun. Founder of Reddwings ProductionsQureshi has the experience of producing over 15 songs and having hosted over 45 national and international fashion shows and beauty pageants, Qureshi has signed two more songs with Indian Idol singing prodigy Mohd Danish, one being a parade song and another titled ‘Malange’.