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Producer duo FADES return with latest dance-pop single “Freefall”

Dance-pop producer and writer duo FUNDS come back with their new single “Freefall”. The Musical Effort of the Brothers and Session Musicians pseudo and Luke Jekyll, FADES has always had a passion for big, infectious choruses and melodic grooves.

Speaking on the single, the duo described that “We originally wrote the track around a really metallic and piercing guitar sample. When we came back to release the track a year later, we replaced it with a Prophet 12 and sample tape. We’re big fans of dark, moody verses and big, expansive choruses. It’s the classic technique of building tension in the verse and pre through sparse production and increasing automation, to allow the chorus to have impact and variation. We wanted it to be traditionally moody and euphoric, but with a big pop chorus. Carys has this amazing way of delivering pop vocals and as a truly amazing writer she brought something really special to this track.

Resembling the pop-leaning house sounds of Disclosure Where natural warm, the Surrey-born brother duo also built their live setup, consisting of live instruments ranging from bass, guitars and keyboards to DJ decks and mixers. Their hard work both in the studio and on the live circuit has found them featured on BBC presentation.

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