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Producer collaborates with TeeJay on a new single | Entertainment

Producer Digi Doran of Digital Productions has teamed up with artist TeeJay on a new single, titled Bring out.

“This song is a classic TeeJay. It has a very melodic beat as the singer showcases his vocals. The song itself is themed around some of his past hits such as From rags to riches. In the song, he talks about succeeding and persevering through life’s struggles,” the producer explained.

The artist was originally set to appear on last June’s Rebellion beat, which featured fellow acts like Gyptian, Jahvillani and I Waata. Although this arrangement fell through due to logistics, work on Bring out started around Christmas.

“TeeJay is one of the most talented artists in the business. He does it all: engineers, singers, DJs. I think we’ve created a timeless song,” Digi Doran said. “This song is for the people. The only thing we can hope for is that people enjoy the music. Once people enjoy the music, that’s a win for everyone.”

The producer started in music more than 10 years ago as a radio DJ in Miami. Over the years, he worked steadily on his craft.

“Lately I’ve been doing slower melodic beats that are currently in line with the new wave of dancehall. I call it ’emo-dancehall’, very emotional and vulnerable songs that speak to people. Now that the place is open , I want to get back to real dancehall with punchy bass, music you can dance to and rock to, like when dancing was great in the 90s and early 2000s,” he said.