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Edinburgh-born London producer Barry Can’t Swim (real name Joshua Mainnie) shares nostalgic and melancholic new single Can we still be friends? featuring fellow producer Laurence Guy.

The track marks the 3rd and final to be released from Barry’s upcoming new EP More contentout June 24 on Ninja Tune’s Technicolor imprint – a unique blend of expertly crafted electronic production blended with Barry’s jazz-inspired strings and keys, channeling the fluidity and flow of a live performance.

Barry and Laurence’s collaboration came about organically, being fans of each other’s music, they entered the studio after bumping into each other one night.

“Everything was done very easily. I saw Laurence in a pub one night and thought I’d say hello to him, as I’m a real fan of his. He knew my music too, so we thought fuck it, let’s try a song together. In a week, he had sent a beat and I put down some keys + melodies”,

Barry comments, “It was a really natural collaboration, because I think we both look at music the same way and appreciate each other’s styles, and we’re both really happy with how it turned out. past!”

The tracks arrive shortly after the release of Fiorucci made me hardcorethe second single from the club-ready EP, aptly named after a 1999 rave documentary by Mark Leckey – capturing the UK underground club scene – and the euphoric opening single God is the space between us (feat. Taite Imogen) in which Barry is inspired by the 90s film before sunrise.

Can we still be friends? (feat. Laurence Guy) is now available.

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