Musical producer

Producer Ameer Merchant with JMT Entertainment releases his first single titled “Ik Ik Saah”.

The newly released song has already garnered nearly 2 million views and captured the hearts of listeners and music lovers.

Now is the time of rains and romance; now is the time to celebrate love, as monsoons are known to add more love to the environment. Leveraging this opportunity and making the most of the monsoons, so many platforms and companies are offering something new to their target demographic to make their brands more appealing. In the midst of this, how could the music world stay behind? We saw how Producer Ameer Merchant with JMT Entertainment maximized this exceptional opportunity to release their 1st single titled “Ik Ik Saah” during the monsoons.

Ik Ik Saah is a perfect monsoon song, which literally made people fall in love again. Such is the craze and the insane amount of love it spread among listeners and music lovers just days after its release. This must be credited to the song’s producer Ameer Merchant and his one-of-a-kind music and film production house named JMT Entertainment. With him, the success of the much-talked-about song goes to the entire cast and crew, including director Sachin Rishi, vocalist Kumar Sahil, lyricist and composer Jass Pannu, and musician Jacob, first wife Tanuja Chauhan, and so many others.

Producer Ameer Merchant is happy and proud of how Ik Ik Saah has consistently gained popularity and popularity with the public as a monsoon tune that reminds people of what it feels like to fall in love. It’s about a soldier and his love story, where he has to return to his duty on his engagement day. The music video beautifully depicts the relationship and showcases the tiniest of emotions between a couple yearning to be one again.

With JMT Entertainment, producer Ameer Merchant now wants to create a lot more soul tracks and already has a few projects in the works.