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Prince Harry pushes ‘royal brand’ and ‘legacy’ in new video – ‘to show he matters’

Prince Harry appeared virtually at the Diana Awards on Friday to deliver an impassioned speech. He said: ‘This is a special year and I hope we take more time to not only remember her for the way she lived, but to reflect on the life she continues to lead. through so many people. Including young changemakers with us today.

“My mother instilled in me and all of us the will to speak up and fight for a better world.

“Now, as a husband and parent, my mother’s voice is even stronger in my life.

“You all kept his voice alive by showing the world how much every little action matters, how kindness is always valued, and how our world can be a better place if we choose to do so.”

Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to to analyze the prince’s actions in the newly released video.

She said: “Sitting reclined away from the camera rather than bending over to create a more intimate and relaxed connection with his audience, Harry chose to speak formally, with an expansive musical background.

“Also, with an unsmiling and rather emotional delivery style.

“It seems to be pushing towards the royal brand rather than the ‘just Harry’ version of the Prince,” the expert noted.

What facial expressions does he make while talking?


While Prince William simply ended his message with a handwritten signature and no name or title printed underneath, Harry did the exact opposite.

Harry signed his message with a handwritten signature, followed by “Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex” in print.

Royal fan @LunaB65353431 tweeted: “William just signs his name, while ‘just Harry’ uses titles.”

Twitter user @YungDM2 agreed, saying, “One tries to show that he’s important and the other who, without even trying, is the most important person.”