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Potter Days recruits over 100 volunteers – PANHANDLE


A celebration in a small town was a big hit over the holiday weekend.

Saturday, September 3, 2022, 10:19 p.m. MDT


POTTER, Neb. – A celebration in a small town was a big hit over the holiday weekend.

The 91st Potter Days kicked off the Saturday festivities with a 5K Color Run at 8:00 a.m., followed by several other events.

Erica Revord, Secretary, Treasurer and President of Potter Days, has been part of the celebration for eight years.

“We love to invite new people to town to be part of our community. Even though they live so far away, we feel like they’re part of the family now too,” Revord said.

Revord said there were more than 40 runners registered from Colorado, Illinois and even Pennsylvania for the race. After the color race, there was the parade and the craft show. Revord said there were more than 20 vendors for the craft show.

“Great turnout for the parade,” Revord said. “All the PNCC bikes came out for the parade, so it was really fun to watch.”

During Potter Days there is also the all-day Potter off-road racing motocross event on Sundays. There are also women’s and children’s races on Saturday.

“We have free bounce houses, the parade is free, and free live music and bands,” Revord said. “We also have a free watermelon stream that everyone shows up for.”

Duck bowling is also free all day during Potter Days.

“We are run strictly by donations, and so during tougher years when the economy is bad, we find new ways to bring money to our committee,” Revord said.

All proceeds from the beer are donated to the Potter Days committee to help organize next year’s event.

“The Corn Hole is always a big hit, and it gets a lot of teams and players,” Revord said. “All the money we raise from it is donated to help next year’s event make it bigger and better.”

Potter Days is run by the community for the community, she said.

“100% of Potter’s profits go to Potter Days,” Revord said. “It’s amazing what we are capable of as a community and that’s why Potter Day is such a cool thing because it celebrates everything our town has and all the people we have here.”

Revord said there are different committees for the parade, the beer garden and the corn hole.

“We will have over 100 volunteers helping to organize this event,” Revord said. “The best part about Potter is that everyone shows up to help in any way they can.”

Potter is also hosting a golf tournament on Monday and Revord said all money earned from the tournament goes to the golf course.

“We have people from all over the county coming just because they love the little hometown Potter has to offer,” Revord said.