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Pink Floyd have reformed and released a brand new song in support of Ukraine

Pink Floyd, who hasn’t done Floyd-ish properly in years (I go with The dividing bell from 1994 and discounting the chances and the ends The endless river from 2014), got together – without Roger Waters, of course, but we’ll get to that – and released a brand new song in support of the Ukrainian people.

This should never have happened because Pink Floyd died, right? But when David Gilmour saw this singer, a guy named Andriy Khlyvnyuk on Instagram in his military uniform, he thought he had to react.

The song is “Oh, the red viburnum in the meadow”, a popular song during the 1914 war of independence in Ukraine. I quote Gilmour from The Guardian:

“I thought: it’s quite magical and maybe I can do something with it,” says Gilmour. “I have a big platform that [Pink Floyd] worked for all these years. It is a really difficult and frustrating thing to see this extraordinarily insane and unjust attack by a great power against an independent, peaceful and democratic nation. The frustration of seeing this and thinking ‘what can I do?’ is somehow unbearable.

Gilmour called on drummer Nick Mason along with Nitin Sawhney and Guy Pratt to create this brand new song Floyd which samples this standing soldier in downtown Kyiv. It was released today (April 8) with all proceeds going to Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid.

There is no involvement from Roger Waters. Again, I quote The Guardian:

“One week before Russia invades Ukraine, Waters told an interviewer on Russia Today that talking about a Russian invasion was ‘bullshit…anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows [an invasion] is nonsense”; he subsequently condemned the invasion calling it “the act of a gangster”, while condemning “propaganda to demonize Russia.’ This is a subject Gilmour will not be drawn to. “Let’s say I was disappointed and let’s move on. Read in there what you want.