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Philadelphia theater company returns with new COVID-19 recall requirement – ​​CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Theater Company welcomed audiences live and in person again on Friday, but there was an additional condition for admission.

As the CDC relaxes its guidelines on COVID-19 masks, the Philadelphia Theater Company says it’s taking a different approach and standing firm on masking and vaccine mandates.

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It’s Friday night and at the Suzanne Roberts Theater the lights dim and the curtains open.

“We’re here to see ‘Choir Boy’ at the Philadelphia Theater Company. We are really excited. We haven’t seen a show in a while, so it’s great to be here to see shows, bring shows back to Philadelphia,” said Amanda St. Paul.

But for the first time, the Philadelphia Theater Company is doubling down, requiring patrons to be fully vaccinated and fortified against COVID-19 to attend.

It is the first theater in the region to do so.

“We’re just trying to look after the long-term health of our industry and bring people in and make everyone feel comfortable and keep everyone here employed and hopefully we can maintain this momentum,” said general manager Emily Zeck.

Zeck says that in addition to the demands, they have closed dealerships and limited orchestra capacity.

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The change comes just as the CDC relaxed its COVID-19 masking guidelines.

“We’ll continue to assess and adapt and if we think it’s time to relax we will, but for now we’ll hold our ground,” Zeck said.

“I get it. It’s not my favorite thing because a friend of mine didn’t have his with him and I bought his ticket for him so he had no idea,” Phill said. Hughes.

The theater checked vaccination cards at the door and anyone without all three was barred from entering.

Hughes says a good tip is to save a photo of your vaccine card to your phone.

“I feel a lot more comfortable being able to go out and do things knowing everyone in the room has their booster shot. I feel a lot more comfortable being out and I’m really excited to be able to do it again,” said Todd Fleming.

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“Choir Boy” lasts until March 13.