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‘Penny Lane Is Dead’ – ‘Wolf Creek’ Producer Points Cupcakes

Matt Hearnproducer of wolf creekone of Australia’s biggest genre exports, supports Penny Lane is deadthe debut feature from the Australian writer-director and make-up artist Mia’kate Russellreports Variety.

Penny Lane takes place on a hot night as 17-year-old Penny Lane celebrates entering college with her longtime girlfriends, Toni and Amy. The night, however, does not go as planned. Penny Lane’s jealous and troubled cousin Kat decides a cruel prank is in order and what starts as a mindless spike cupcake game turns into a night of bloodshed.

Penny Lane is dead is a reverse home invasion thriller led by powerful 17-year-old female leads and a healthy dose of gore and gore,” Lima told the site.

“It’s full of action and rock’n’roll and will satisfy all horror fans!”

“Here, the invaders end up fighting for their lives because the inhabitants are anything but ordinary. This thriller locked in one place will capture the nostalgia of the Australian summer of 1986, filled with classic Aussie rock music and swagger. Think “Animal Kingdom” meets “The Runaways.”

According to Lima, Penny Lane takes place in an Australian summer plagued by a heat wave.

The film is set at Buffalo Media in Melbourne, run by André Lima, who will produce Penny Lane is dead with Hearn.

Prosthetic designer Larry Van Duynhoven (Furiosa) and costume designer Nicola Dunn (very important person) are attached, among the main collaborators of the craft industry.

Pre-production is scheduled for January 2023 and filming for February and March. Completion and delivery are estimated for the end of May 2023.