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Pegasus Theater Company moves to Bordentown


originally published: 04/04/2022

(BORDENTOWN, NJ) — Professional theater company, Pegasus Theater Companywill debut in Bordentown City this fall, offering a full season of productions beginning in October 2022 and summer camp beginning as early as August 2022.

Pegasus is a nonprofit professional theater company that seeks to illuminate and elevate human experiences through courageous and imaginative storytelling. Pegasus envisions a vibrant community engaged in performance and education, where theater artists and patrons are seen, heard and valued.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Pegasus Theater and the cultural and educational offerings it will bring to Bordentown City,” said Bordentown Mayor Jennifer Sciortino.

Pegasus Theater Company moves to Bordentown

Formerly of Princeton Junction, Pegasus quickly rose to prominence for intimate, thought-provoking and entertaining productions such as bakersfield mist by Stephen Sachs (shown above). Hailed as “an example of a creative team making perfect use of a small, intimate space to create an evening that’s as powerful as it is funny” (Free time), past productions have been deemed “nuanced and visually appealing” (City topics) and “create[ing] a kind of theatrical magic” (Free time). In 2020, Pegasus was nominated for Best Small Theater at the People’s Choice Awards.

“I am thrilled to bring our theater company to Bordentown. The first time I drove into town, I fell in love with it,” said production art director Peter Bisgaier. “There’s a wonderful charm among the shops, restaurants, and galleries, and I’ve wanted to make Bordentown our artistic home from that very first day.”

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“We’ve been courting Bordentown for a few years because we knew we wanted Pegasus to be part of a vibrant community,” said Jennifer Nasta Zefutie, General Artistic Director of Pegasus. “And the more we got to know the residents, business owners and leaders of the city, the more it confirmed that Bordentown City was the right home for Pegasus.”

In addition to contributing to the artistic community, Pegasus hopes to contribute to the vibrancy of the business community in this historic one square mile location. “There is no doubt that theater and arts organizations promote the economic development of a community,” Zefutie said. “We hope our presence in town will further support the already thriving stores, galleries and restaurants.”

“Theatre and the arts are an important part of any vibrant community. Given the multitude of programs they have planned, it will be an attraction to the surrounding area, a major asset to a community that has a thriving public arts education program, and a boost to our business community. We look forward to supporting them and helping them put down roots in the small town with a lot of charm,” Mayor Sciortino said.

Pegasus Theater Company moves to Bordentown

In August, Pegasus will be offering a 2-week camp for ages 9-14 where students will write and perform their own play. Additional classes and camps throughout the year will be announced. Pegasus plans to announce its show season in May 2022.

Pegasus will be located in the lobby of St. Mary’s School with access from the parking lot at 45 Crosswicks Street in Bordentown, New Jersey, just a block and a half walk from all the restaurants and shops in Bordentown City.

PHOTOS: (TOP) Back row, LR Peter Reimann, Marissa Wolf, Justin Derry, Jonathan Martin, Leon Stanley, Bryan Hagelin, Corinna Bisgaier, Mary Tomson. In the front row, LR Milo Bisgaier, Jennifer Nasta Zefutie, Megan Haltmeier, Peter Bisgaier, Monica Bisgaier. (ENVIRONMENT) bakersfield mist by Stephen Sachs (2018). Photo credit: Darren Sussman (BOTTOM) fiction by Steven Dietz (2019). Photo credit: Darren Sussman