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Jamaican producer Taz got his first introduction to the Jamaican music scene and sound system while hanging out at local studios. At 12, he moved to London where music became a central part of his life.

His big breakthrough came in 2004 when he worked with Grime artist Dizzee

Naughty. This success led to further production and remix work such as Ashanti’s “Rain On Me” and “Rock Withchu” as well as “Locked Up” from Akon’s “Trouble” LP. This earned him four platinum plaques and exposure to charts on both sides of the Atlantic. He also won the prestigious Ivor Novello Award for Writing and Composition.

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How did you get started in the business?

T: I started producing with the UK’s most popular rap artist, Dizzy Rascal, around 1999 and used that as a springboard to show off my skills as a writer, producer and artist, which caused the A&R of Def Jam UK to start calling me. This led to me working on two remixes for Ashanti on the Murder Inc label and a 5 album deal with Def Jam UK.

What was your first significant project?

T: Being on Dizzee Rascal’s biggest and most important UK Rap/Grime album, Boy In The Corner in 2003.

What was your first breakthrough?

T: Being an artist on Wiley’s famous Eskimos beat who is a pioneer of Grime and the most popular British rappers/grime (equivalent of Kool Herc from Hip-Hop). [“Eskimo” is considered to be a landmark release being one of the earliest and most influential examples of grime music and an archetype for its eskibeat subgenre. It was the first and best-known release in Wiley’s series of eskibeat instrumentals on white label vinyl which had a long-term influence on the development of the grime sound.]

What are you working on now/next?

T: Right now I’m working on my company which is an alternative content which is a production company. We hired a Canadian artist named Ramone. We plan to use all of our resources and energy to bring it to the forefront in the right way. We want to bring back the songs that people remember. Not just this bubblegum rap. We want timeless music. We go there with our inspirations.

I learned to shut up and let the work speak for itself. I want to become a master in the whole music industry. I want my journey to be one of the examples that other artists look up to, so they don’t make the same mistake. Everything has a time, and it won’t last forever. When the window is open, you have to go through it. Don’t be cocky and arrogant and think he’ll always be there because – you’ll be mad at yourself if someone takes your opportunity.

What songs do you listen to on Spotify/Apple Music/Pandora/Audiomac?

T: I don’t listen to too much music but when I do I usually have dancehall on rotation. I love old school so Frisko Kid, Buju, Beenie Man, Terror Fabulous, Drake and definitely Tory Lanez!

Are there any artists you really want to work with?

T: I really want to work with Drake and Tory Lanez.

Connect with Taz on social media: @tazuk_music

Taz Farewell Quote; “I’ll never lose my status as an artist, but when it comes to live recording and acting, I’m good. I could spit a verse or two or put on a show. I love house disco, so I I’m going to keep doing that, but my goal is to get to know the industry all around.