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One Show viewers brand Jamie Oliver ‘condescending’ after cooking ‘cheap’ meal

Jamie Oliver has been called ‘condescending’ by viewers of The One Show after cooking a ‘cheap’ meal on the show.

The celebrity chef made sausage and minestrone soup on the BBC show on Thursday night and claimed the meal would cost £1.45 per serving to make. However, viewers said the meal, which included Cumberland sausages, red wine, Parmesan cheese, garlic, fennel seeds and fresh lasagne sheets, would actually cost a lot more, Reporting live from Birmingham.

He was on the show to promote his new book ‘One’ which features ‘simple one-pot wonders’ and included the recipe he cooked up on air. Jamie told viewers: “In this book I’ve used supermarket ingredients…never more than eight ingredients and so far when people talk about cost of living and things like that, most of the recipes are in pots on hotplates.

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“So a hob costs about four times less than an oven. 10 minutes cooking is about 10p, actually a bit less, in energy. And this dish without adjustments costs £1.45 per serving .”

Viewers slammed the ‘millionaire’ chef and took to Twitter as they claimed the dish would actually be much more expensive to cook. @iainm68 said: “£1.45 a serving? Do you know how much parmesan costs!!#TheOneShow”

Chef Jamie Oliver was slammed by viewers of The One Show

@claretrickett wrote: “Nothing like a millionaire Jamie Oliver teaching us how to cook for a pound #TheOneShow.” @FlopsyPickle added: ‘Fuck Jamie you’re condescending p****’, adding ‘So he’s trying to flog a book using the cost of living crisis telling us we need the book because most recipes are hob-based and therefore cheaper to cook. Without realizing, no one will want to spend money on a damn #TheOneShow cookbook.”

@KeithMcCormac17 said: ‘Millionaire chef patronizes us to death.’ @ufoparts echoed: “don’t really think [sic] audiences want to hear rich p**** Jamie Oliver explain how to cook meals on a budget. can you buy a “portion” of an ingredient, Jamie? no #TheOneShow.”

@dcm_illness added: “The book costs £20 to show you how to make a £1 dinner. What’s the point when you’re in a food bank, huh? Non-existent fresh vegetables and fruit. Now red wine? I didn’t pop red!! #TheOneShow.”

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