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No Ugandan artist has reached the level of the late Paul Kafeero

In Luganda there is a saying that goes “Ebidawo tebyenkanankana »a phrase that I and a few others definitely agree with.

Even though most think that Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool are the best thing that happened to the Ugandan music industry over 25 years ago, I personally think they haven’t matched the level of some great artists who died despite their great contribution to the arts.

Among the artists that I believe have not reached the level are Fred Masagazi, Herman Basudde, Paul Kafeero, Philly Lutaaya, Elly Wamala, Fred Sebatta, Afrigo Band, among others for what they have done for the industry.

We still vibrate to their rich compositions while other artists borrow verses from their content to invent new songs.

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In that case I’m not alone and just recently NBS TV After 5 Presenter Dvj Mercy has revealed that while chatting with one of Uganda’s famous music producers, Washington, he revealed that no current artist has reached the level of Paul Kafeero.

Recently, I was vibrating with Producer Washington, and he told me that there is no Ugandan artist who has reached the level of the late Paul Kafeero.

Dvj Mercy Pro

The late Paul Kafeero is one of the most famous Ugandan artists who has been dubbed the “Golden Boy of Africa” ​​for his rich music.

For those unfamiliar with the music of the late Kafeero, you have to check him out at most music stores to get an idea of ​​his artistry.