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No plan to sever Nigerian Observer staff, says Obaseki – Nigerian Observer

…as the government expands premises for the sound stage, film production studio, etc.

Edo State Governor Mr Godwin Obaseki said there were no plans to sack staff from the state newspaper, the Nigerian Observer, noting that media equipment is being overhauled and upgrade to comply with digital requirements. era to improve productivity.

Obaseki gave the assurance while addressing reporters shortly after touring the ongoing overhaul of media equipment in Benin City, the capital of Edo State.

Recall that the government, in accordance with the reforms of state-owned media organizations, ordered the closure of the newspaper for a period of one month, for the reorganization and revival of media equipment.

The governor during the tour assured that “no one will be laid off”, noting that those who cannot be retrained in digital media will be redeployed to other government departments.

“I am sure there are other tasks they can perform within the Ministry of Communication and Guidance, as well as other ministries and government agencies,” he added.

Regarding the ongoing overhaul of media equipment, Obaseki said, “They are actually printing online. As far as I am concerned, the Nigerian observer is alive. You may not see the old building, but it works. As a government, what we are trying to do is revive the media, culture and sports sectors because these are the new economy.

LR: Special Advisor to the Governor of Edo State on the Media Project, Mr. Crusoe Osagie; Governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaseki; Ms. Ukinebo Dare, Managing Director of Edo Skills Development Agency, EdoJobs, and Cyril Okpeahior, Director of Pekuric Nig Ltd, during the inspection of construction works at the Nigerian Observer premises, Benin City.

“We are taking advantage of the history of this place to rebuild the press that was there before. We replaced the 50-year-old press building with a modern, digital web press.

“Not just to print the Observer alone, we hope it will serve the entire sub-region. We also have a speed master to do digital printing. You can’t have media without print. It is therefore the printed aspect of the ecosystem that we are creating.

The Governor continued, “We took the old Nigerian Observer press and weaved it into a world-class sound stage for film and music. The sound stage is being prepared for the Edo Film Festival which will take place in August.

“We’re outfitting the studio so that our young people who are into music and film production and don’t have the money to invest in that kind of high-end equipment can still come here to do it. This is where we can energize the already active creative spirit of our young people, especially in music and film.