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New products promised in Vegas at CES 2022

Samsung Electronics’ teaser for CES 2022 [SCREEN CAPTURE]

CES 2022, which opens Jan. 5 both on the field in Las Vegas and online, will go further than ever beyond its origins as a trade show for consumer electronics.

It will have bigger ambitions than just introducing the latest gadgets, like exploring how robotics could be part of everyday life or how technologies can help the global fight against carbon emissions.

Despite the fact that some big tech players like Google and Meta will be absent due to the pandemic, Korean companies are continuing with their CES plans, although some are sending smaller delegations than usual.

Hyundai Motor will describe how it plans to bring robots closer to transport and the metaverse, while subsidiary Hyundai Mobis will showcase two concept cars. Doosan Group promises robots that play the drums.

Samsung Electronics, one of the biggest exhibitors at CES, will likely showcase a prototype robot like it has done in recent years.

SK and its subsidiaries are working on reducing carbon emissions. They will bring together a wide range of products and technologies aimed at protecting the environment for the four-day event in Las Vegas.

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics will also engage in some activities familiar to all CES held in the past, introducing new devices including TVs and ovens.

Future of robotics

Doosan Robotics' robotic arm films a scene of a musical performance. [DOOSAN GROUP]

Doosan Robotics’ robotic arm films a scene of a musical performance. [DOOSAN GROUP]

    Hyundai Motor MobED [HYUNDAI MOTOR GROUP]


Instead of unveiling new electric vehicles in development, Hyundai Motor chooses to look further into the future to explore the intersection between robotics and the metaverse, a buzzword that refers to a digital universe where people can socialize, work and play.
“Hyundai Motor will share its vision of how robotics will complete the metaverse by connecting the virtual world to reality as a medium, and ultimately overcome the physical limitations of movement with respect to time and space,” said the automaker said in a cosmic statement released last month.

This dovetails with a strategic shift from Korea’s largest automaker.

Last year, Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Euisun Chung announced that only 50% of the group’s revenue will come from automobiles in the future, while 30% will come from “urban air mobility” – flying cars and drones. – and 20% of robotics. .

The company will provide an overview of products yet to be commercialized such as MobED, a new modular platform for mini-cars and electric robots, and a new Plug & Drive robotic module platform.

Hyundai Mobis will present two concept cars with cool new features characteristics. One is a self-driving vehicle – it can drive itself – with a steering wheel that can be folded down when not in use. The other comes with wheels capable of turning 90 degrees to allow easier parking.

Samsung Electronics is keeping a low profile on what kind of robot it will bring to Vegas, but a spokesperson has confirmed there will be one or maybe more.
“Robot concept products will be showcased at the presentation, but we cannot confirm what it is,” the spokesperson said.

The company recently upgraded the status of its robotics business team, a move that investors and analysts see as a prelude to bringing robotic products to market.

The Doosan Group will show how it combines robotics and entertainment at the show, although its robotics business has focused on industrial robots. Doosan Robotics, a subsidiary of the construction and machinery group, will bring a group of drum robots to Vegas. At its booth, robots that originally worked in industrial roles will play drums with a human DJ.

NINA also welcomes visitors, a robotic arm designed to pull cinematographic representations.

“NINA is automated to find an ideal angle and its ability has already been proven when it was used to shoot a musical performance called ‘A Song to the Sun’,” said Lee Joo-seok, deputy general manager of Doosan Group .

Sustainability matters

SK's booth at CES 2022 [SK INC.]

SK’s booth at CES 2022 [SK INC.]

Technologies designed to reduce carbon emissions will also take center stage at CES.

SK and its subsidiaries offer carbon reduction technologies used in a number of businesses, ranging from low carbon manufacturing processes to streamlining existing methods of saving energy.

The exhibits will focus on the SK Group’s efforts to reduce its own production of greenhouse gases. Many of the presentations will be text and video documents describing business plans, as energy saving technologies are still being developed.

The main theme will be a “hydrogen value chain”, a concept that covers the production, distribution and consumption of hydrogen energy.

Hydrogen fuel is environmentally friendly because it does not produce greenhouse gases emitted by fossil fuels. However, its costly and technical hurdles must be overcome for it to be widely used.

SK E&S will present its strategy to increase hydrogen production and expand adoption of the resource. After starting as a gas company, SK E&S adds hydrogen and renewable energy production to its portfolio, drawing on its experience as an LNG gas generator.

Another major technology that will be explained is the Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technique which is being developed by SK E&S, the Korea Energy Research Institute and CE-TEK.

Although still in the research stage, when fully realized, CCUS will enable SK E&S to reduce its carbon emissions by preventing carbon from being released into the air. CCUS is a two-step process in which carbon dioxide produced during energy production is collected. Then it is either stored or used for other purposes.

SK ecoplant is also aiming to produce green hydrogen, a term used to describe hydrogen made without emitting carbon in the process, which it will use to power the Net Zero City which it will display at the CES pavilion.

SK’s construction subsidiary will present a small-scale 3D city plan for a city that aims for zero carbon emissions using hydrogen and other energy recycling systems. It will include a set of technologies currently under development.

SK Innovation said it will detail how it plans to recycle the metal used in electric vehicle (EV) batteries, which is a complicated process due to the complex makeup of the batteries. Its subsidiary SK Lubrifiants will share how it plans to make its automotive lubricants more environmentally friendly.

An environmentally friendly manufacturing technique, dubbed a waterless purifier, will be presented by SK hynix. Scrubbers are used to cool the gaseous residue on a semiconductor without damaging the wafer, typically by applying cold water to the chips. SK hynix has developed a method of cooling chips with pipes filled with cold water, which can be reused, saving 79,000 tonnes of water every day.

Earlier this month, Chairman Chey Tae-won pledged that SK Group would reduce 200 million tonnes of carbon by 2030, “an aggressive target because it equates to 1% of the global reduction target,” when of the first Trans-Pacific Dialogue 2021. held on December 6 near Washington.

Samsung Electronics has also announced plans to reduce its impact on the environment during manufacturing. Han Jong-hee, head of the DX (Device eXperience) division, said on Dec. 22 that the company infuses sustainability into “everything we do,” from the company’s chips to the devices consumers use.

The company has an ongoing partnership with American outdoor clothing brand Patagonia, famous for earmarking 1% of its revenue to support environmental nonprofit organizations. Details of the partnership, such as whether it will be a jointly developed product or campaign, will be revealed at CES, the company said.

Doosan Fuel Cell will present at CES a Tri-gen fuel cell capable of generating both hydrogen, electricity and heat. The technology, which is being developed under a government-funded project, will be able to generate and distribute three different forms of energy. It is in the final stages of development and will begin testing by the Korea Gas Corporation this year.

Vehicles charge from Doosan Fuel Cell's Tri-gen fuel cell, which can simultaneously produce hydrogen, electricity and heat. [DOOSAN GROUP]

Vehicles charge from Doosan Fuel Cell’s Tri-gen fuel cell, which can simultaneously produce hydrogen, electricity and heat. [DOOSAN GROUP]

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction will share its green hydrogen production projects from electricity generated by its offshore wind turbines. He will also exhibit a model of a hydrogen turbine that he is developing as part of a government-funded project.

Splashing gadgets
The show will also present a wide range of devices and devices marketed in the coming years.

Samsung Electronics is expected to present the Galaxy S21 FE, a budget model in the flagship Galaxy S21 series.

Samsung vice president Han, who heads the consumer electronics and smartphone industries, said in a statement that new TVs and devices with enhanced features will be brought together at CES.

Promotional image of Samsung Electronics in partnership with Zepeto to showcase its new electronic devices [SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS]

Promotional image of Samsung Electronics in partnership with Zepeto to showcase its new electronic devices [SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS]

The electronics maker will partner with the Zepeto metaverse platform to bring 18 new devices to social media.

LG Electronics will have a reduced presence this year with a focus on virtual and augmented reality technologies.

In recent years, it has showcased eye-catching products such as rollable organic light-emitting diode (OLED) televisions and smartphones.

The models promote a transparent OLED exhibition window developed by LG Display. [LG DISPLAY]

The models promote a transparent OLED exhibition window developed by LG Display. [LG DISPLAY]

LG Display will, however, introduce transparent OLED panels and new types of devices with curved OLED screens. The panel maker will introduce a window made up of large OLED screens that can display information.

In a workplace, the transparent screen can be merged with a window to function as an electronic board or a projector, an idea presented at CES.

The panel maker will also show an exercise machine and recliner equipped with large, curved OLED screens. The training machine, named Virtual Ride, combines a stationary bike with three 55-inch OLED displays to form a large screen in front of and above the rider. The Media Chair combines a reclining chair and a 55-inch OLED TV.

BY PARK EUN-JEE, YOON SO-YEON [[email protected]]