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New Festival Food Essentials According to Research by The Delicious Desserts Company |


LONDON, August 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UK music festivals are in full swing – but beyond the music, three in four festival-goers are increasingly discerning about the type of food they want to enjoy over the course of a weekend. end full of music, according to research by The Delicious Desserts Company.

Beyond the timeless allure of the flambéed grills of the summer BBQs (32%), many culinary novelties are on the festival wish-list:

  • The cream cakes and donuts were a big hit with young people – a top festival choice for 34% of those aged under 25 and peaking at 42% for those aged 25-34.
  • Getting a good cup of coffee to start the day after a night of camping was also a high priority for 21% of people.
  • Despite the (sometimes) scorching summer weather, some Britons (18%) simply cannot live comfortably without their beloved Sunday roast.
  • Other food choices people would like to see at a music festival include a teahouse (16%), a sushi bar (10%), a homemade soup stand (9%) and even a bar oysters (5%).

Claire SmithHead of Insight at The Delicious Dessert Company commented: “As a new company reinventing classic favorite cakes for a new era, we were ready to test the idea of ​​the festival. A few weeks ago, we sent one of our fresh cream cake vans up to at Scotland, to visit a gathering of rockers at the Wildfire Festival. We didn’t know what to expect, but all 500 cakes were gone in less than 10 minutes. The smiles on the faces suggested that a cream cake had a natural place at a musical event. So we’re heading to WeyFest later this month with our new range of Underwear and lightning – and once again we hope to put smiles on people’s faces as people enjoy a weekend of great entertainment and live music.”

Steve Teaguethe WeyFest spokesperson added: “We have focused on high quality food as one of the things that sets us apart from other festivals. All of our stalls – some of the best producers from across the UK – are individually selected by us. We are delighted that The Delicious Dessert Company will be joining us this year and together we have a few surprises up our collective sleeves to provide a special moment for our festival-goers later this month.”