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Netflix and producer Left Bank in talks – Deadline

Netflix is ​​in talks with The crown producer Left Bank on a prequel to the hit royal drama.

The show’s penultimate season will launch later this year, introducing a host of new characters such as Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana, and sources have confirmed that a potential prequel is in talks.

Any prequel would likely cover the pre-WWII era or the late Victorian era when Queen Victoria reigned. She was the UK’s longest-serving monarch until Queen Elizabeth took the record several years ago.

Deadline understands that conversations about the prequel are in their early stages and not yet in development or at the green light stage.

Peter Morgan’s series, which will run for six seasons before ending, was arguably Netflix’s biggest hit in the UK, costing around £100 million ($130 billion) per six-part series and putting featuring huge stars like Olivia Colman, Matt Smith and Helena Bonham Carter.

Imelda Staunton joins the season five cast as Queen Elizabeth, while Dominic West plays Prince Charles.

Left Bank has directed and produced a number of other series for Netflix, including female-led action and adventure series palomino, Behind Her Eyes and White Lines by Álex Pina.

Netflix declined to comment.

The daily mail first news reported from the prequel.