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National Cathedral: Stay in your lane

Animation on Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Music producer and showbiz expert, Fred Kyei Mensah

It appears the hubbub surrounding the construction of the National Cathedral has yet to fall asleep as music producer and showbiz expert Fred Kyei Mensah has urged critics of the project to stay clear of the issue over the course of the year to come.

According to Fredyma, as it is popularly called, there are choices in life and it is people who decide what to do with their money.

It will be recalled that when reading the mid-year budget in July this year, the government urged Ghanaians to contribute 100 GHC per month to the construction of a national cathedral in the capital, Accra.

The call, however, was criticized and followed by part of the population who suggested that the project was a missed priority.

Reacting to the debate in a Facebook post, Fredyma noted that no one can criticize others for how they spend their money. According to him, some Ghanaians have bought tickets to attend various Christmas events, but no one has raised a problem with them because it is their own money.

Fredyma therefore asserted that there should be no form of laughter towards the contributors to the national cathedral project since they also do the same with their own money.

He warned critics to stay in their lane in 2022 or else they would be faced.

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You felt comfortable paying GHC200, GHC400, GHC500, GH 20,000 for tickets to various events, relax and no one had a problem.

Like you, do not question others when they decide to contribute their own money to the construction of the cathedral.

Obiara ni ne lane mu in 2022. Wo di si a, y3 b3twa!