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Music producer moves to Santa Fe

SANTA FE, NM (KRQE) — A Santa Fe-based music producer is one of the minds behind album of the year at this year’s Grammys. News 13 took a look at his new studio which he hopes will be an escape for the local artists he works with.

“We were ecstatic about it and didn’t even really know what to think about it,” says Marc Whitmore. “Still not, necessarily.”

Whitmore is a Grammy winner, working on Jon Batiste’s “We Are” album, which won the coveted Album of the Year award at Sunday’s Grammys. This album took Whitmore across the country.

“For example, we went to New Orleans because we had to put a choir and some other bigger instruments on a song. Things that he couldn’t really accomplish in his dressing room,” says Whitmore.

He now brings his skills and his Grammy to his new studio, north of Santa Fe. “I actually used these, this one, to record Jon,” adds Whitmore.

He’s based in Nashville and wears many different hats as a producer, engineer, and mixer. “We were looking for something different from Nashville – it seemed like a really cool place to make music,” he says.

Whitmore says the purpose of moving to New Mexico was to create a destination for artists to escape and make music. “I really want it to be a place where people can go out and create, really relax and find something that they can’t find anywhere else,” says Whitmore.

And Whitmore received positive feedback. “So far everyone I’ve told I’m opening a studio in Santa Fe has been super excited because they’ve been looking to get out in the middle of nowhere and relax and record,” he says. .

While he plans to work with big-name artists, he’s also spotlighting local talent, including an artist he saw when he first moved to New Mexico. “The one I’ve really worked with is John Francis and the Poor Clares,” says Whitmore. “Really a great group here in town. This is actually the first gig I saw in Santa Fe and I was like, I gotta tape you guys.

Whitmore says he has found a welcoming new home in New Mexico. “We really like it here, it’s beautiful. The people are wonderful,” he says.

Whitmore said working with Batiste was experimental, collaborative and unforgettable.