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Music producer Carl Craig dies at 52: cause of death

Reports have come from America that the famous American electronic music producer, DJ and founder of record company Planet E-Communications has died at the age of 52. However, sources say he died after being caught by a deadly virus that has killed people since 2021. The whole of social media has been inundated with numerous tributes paid by his supporters. Without a doubt, this is the saddest news of the day for so many music lovers.

Born May 22, 1969, Carl Craig was one of America’s best-known electronic music producers and a well-known DJ. In his life he has done so many things for musicians as he was also the founder of Planet E-Communications, one of the most famous music and record labels that people have loved for quite some time. However, when it comes to talking about his remarkable works, it shouldn’t be mistaken that he was well known as a figurehead and pioneer of the second wave of Detroit techno artists at the end of the day. 1980s and early 1990s.

Since 1989 he captured hearts and he was known by many names such as Psyche, BFC, 69, Paperclip People and Innerzone Orchestra; amazingly he grabbed the industry and ruled so many hearts. As soon as the news of his death broke on social media, people went nuts because the news had hit them all like a ton of bricks. He will undoubtedly be missed after the entire industry has lost one of its gems. When it comes to talking about some of the remixed songs and artists, all of his remixed songs definitely got people grooving.

He dropped around 8 albums in his career, while he dropped around 27 types of music that kept audiences rocking each time. However, there is not so much news about his disappearance, but some sources have claimed it, and our deepest condolences go out to his family and loved ones. That his soul rests in peace. Stay tuned for all the latest updates across the world.