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Ms. Marvel Producer Discusses Season 2 Possibilities

Ms. Marvel boss Bisha K. Ali discusses whether or not Marvel Studios should greenlight a second season of the Iman Vellani-led Disney+ series.

Bisha K. Ali, head writer and series creator of Ms. Marvel on Disney+, opened up a potential Season 2 for the Marvel Cinematic Universe series.

In an interview with Deadline, Ali was asked if there would be a second season of the series, directed by Iman Vellani. “I’ll let you know if they call me,” Ali said with a laugh. “Let’s see how the show goes before you ask me about Season 2.”

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As with the majority of non-Loki entries into Marvel’s lineup of shows on Disney+, Ms. Marvel was not confirmed for a second season, although a crew member let slip the potential for multiple seasons in March. Even though there are no future seasons of the series in the works, that doesn’t mean that it’s the last audiences will see of Vellani’s Kamala Kahn. The 19-year-old actress will be back for the next Captain Marvel sequel, which recently wrapped filming, titled Wonders.

Ali also noted how Wonders impacted the production of Ms. Marvel and its potential for more seasons. “I mean, the thing is, the show, as far as I know, I knew when we started that… Kamala was going to end up in Wonders“, she explained. “I didn’t know what was going to happen in this movie because they rightly didn’t tell me because I’m a little talker. But I knew that was what we were building for. That she should be [ready] at the end of our show to go and do whatever is going to happen in Wonders. And what’s his future in the MCU after that, you know, we’re a few years away, I’m old. I might have retired by then, who knows. Who knows what will happen if there is a season 2 or not.”

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Based on the comedy series of the same name, Ms. Marvel stars Vellani as the titular teenage hero, a Captain Marvel superfan. Although a portion of viewers resort to criticism of the series, Ms. Marvel received high praise from critics and fans. Vellani’s performance was particularly acclaimed by many people, including Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai. “It’s not every day that I turn on the television and find a character who eats the same foods, listens to the same music, or uses the same Urdu phrases as me,” Yousafzai said in a handwritten letter to Marvel Studios. “What a joy to see Ms. Marvel reflect the life of a Pakistani immigrant family and reveal a young superheroine whose powers are tied to her heritage. Thank you, Marvel and Disney+, and above all, Ms. Marvel.”

The first episode of Ms. Marvel is available now on Disney+, with new episodes streaming every Wednesday.

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