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Morgan proves she’s a Shania Twain superfan to TV producer Keltie Knight | The Bobby Bones Show

Keltie Knight is an executive producer of the new CBS television show super fan. The show is a one-hour music special for superfans to compete in the hope of being named the artist’s number 1 superfan. Each episode will feature a different band or artist and the artist’s biggest superfans. Knight shared that they are all healthy superfans because they all have to pass FBI-level background checks before they can go on the show.

The Bobby Bones Show wants to get Morgan on the show for the Shania Twain episode. She’s been a huge Twain fan since she was young. Bobby shared a story of how Morgan attended Twain’s concert for her very first gig and touched Twain’s hand. She refused to wash her hands for a year after the interaction. Morgan added that as she gets older, she knows Twain’s discography incredibly well, including her album. Now released in 2017 after several years of hiatus from Twain. Twain is also the reason Morgan was inspired to move to Nashville and pursue work in the music industry.

Knight said Morgan seemed like a perfect fit for the show. Morgan submitted her audition for the show and now we’re all waiting for what happens. super fan will air this fall on CBS.