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Modern dance company Orchesis by W&M will launch its first dance performance on the main stage since 2019

Orchesis Modern Dance Company will debut original student choreography at the Kimball Theater from March 31 through April 1. (WYDaily/Nancy Sheppard)

WILLIAMSBURG – William & Mary’s (W&M) modern dance company Orchesis will return to the stage for the first time in three years with “An Evening of Dance.”

“An Evening of Dance” will premiere at the Kimball Theatre, 428 W Duke of Gloucester St., from March 31 through April 1.

Orchesis Modern Dance Company, part of W&M’s Theatre, Speech and Dance Department, will debut original student choreography in the first dance performance on stage since 2019.

Performances include “Get a Clue”, based on the board game and the film. Choreographed by Emma Winikow, “Get a Clue” features dancers Rithika Ashok, Allison Foley, Brianna Howell, Josie Massenet, Addy Normann, Holly Stefanick and Kami Vigilant.

“Medusa’s Garden” follows the aftermath of Medusa’s defeat as statues of her victims come to life. Choreographed by Addy Normann, the piece features dancers Taiana James, Audrey Murcko, Cassidy Palomares.

“Sleep Cycles” follows the dance of four neurons through the stages of sleep. The dancers are Kate Bender, Julia Grabo, Cameron Lynch, Christina MacInnes, with choreography by Alex McOsker.

Sobering “New Old-Fashioned” features dancers Amanda Gill, Alex McOsker, Laney Thompson, Emma Jackson and Kami Vigilant.

“We Who Are About to Die” tells the story of ancient Roman gladiators and features dancers Josie Massanet, Julia Mitchell, Addy Normann, Holly Stefanick, with choreography by Cassidy Palomares.

“Fibonacci” explores the visual aspects of the Fibonacci sequence through the use of formations, movements and dynamics. Choreographed by Holly Stefanick, the piece features dancers Rithika Ashok, Grace Cogley, Allison Foley, Laney Thompson, Amy Wolgin.

“Movement of Overcoming” explores the dynamic between fear and those it controls. Choreographed by Christina MacInnes and Emma Jackson, the dance features Brianna Howell, Cameron Lynch, Emma Winikow, Julia Mitchell, Katerina Viyella, Taly Leibowitz.

Finally, “Transmutation of Pain into Art and Community” follows the artistic, academic and personal journey of choreographer Taiana “TT” James over her four years at W&M, beginning as a solo and evolving into a group piece. The piece features dancers Rithika Ashok, Kate Bender, Grace Cogley, Allison Foley, Amanda Gill, Julia Grabo, Brianna Howell, Emma Jackson, Taiana James, Taly Leibowitz, Cameron Lynch, Christina MacInnes, Josie Massenet, Alex McOsker, Julia Mitchell, Audrey Murcko, Addy Normann, Cassidy Palomares, Holly Stefanick, Laney Thompson, Kami Vigilant, Katerina Viyella, Emma Winikow, Amy Wolgin.

The show runs from March 31 to April 1, at 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday.

Tickets are $7 for students and $15 for adults.

To buy tickets, visit here or visit the Kimball box office.