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Midnight Company’s ‘Anomalous Experience’ Hints at Extreme UFO Possibilities | Arts & Culture

Photo courtesy of Joey Rumpell

Cheek: “Abnormal Experience”

Company: The Midnight Company

Place: .ZACK Theater, 3224 Locust St., St. Louis

Appointment: May 12 to 15, May 19 to 21

Tickets: $15 to $20; visit

Strong points: Artistic director Joe Hanrahan offers food for thought in his world premiere drama starring The Midnight Company on the ever-controversial topics of UFOs and alleged alien abductions, in the United States and around the world.


Photo courtesy of Joey Rumpell

Narrative: Speaking at a public lecture, a renowned psychiatrist uncovers his own psyche as he discusses the experiences of two of his patients. These two people, Virginia and Scott, recounted in one-on-one sessions with Dr. James Collins their frightening encounters with extraterrestrial biological entities in the past.

Curious about the number of cases of people who claim to have been victims of alien abduction, Collins subjects himself to considerable ridicule and professional disdain as he himself investigates sightings of unidentified flying objects – or phenomena unexplained aerials, as they are now called by the federal government. government.

In his talk, Collins recounts what Virginia and Scott think they went through when they undergo regression hypnosis during their sessions with the psychiatrist. As he listens to them recount what happened while in their hypnotic states, Collins must wonder if his two patients remember real events – or just vivid dreams that they perceive as true and exact.