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‘Metro’ Producer Files Petition Against ‘Valimai’ Director H Vinoth and Producer Boney Kapoor | Tamil Cinema News

Ajith’s “Valimai” performed well in theaters, and the film achieved record box office numbers. Earlier, ‘Valimai’ was compared to another Tamil movie ‘Metro’ as they both deal with the same plot. Now the ‘Metro’ producer has filed a lawsuit against ‘Valimai’ director H Vinoth and producer Boney Kapoor. Jaya Krishnan, who produced the 2016 Tamil film ‘Metro’ under JK Creations, filed a lawsuit in the Chennai High Court alleging that the story and characters of ‘Valimai’ with actor Ajith were taken from their movie ‘Metro’. Apparently, Jaya Krishnan has sought in the court petition a sum of Rs 1 crore in damages for allegedly using ‘Metro’ characters in ‘Valimai’ without permission.

The petition alleges that the protagonist, who learns that his brother was involved in the drug trade, is portrayed as killing his own brother for a comfortable life in the movie “Metro.” Jayakrishnan also planned to produce “Metro” in Hindi and other languages. But the same story was filmed as “Valimai” in several languages, so there was a huge loss for Jayakrishnan. So he went to court to seek compensation for the loss.

A popular movie like ‘Valimai’, featuring famous actor Ajith facing such plagiarism complaint has indeed shocked Kollywood fans. Additionally, several trolls started flooding against ‘Valimai’ on social media.