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MERCYFUL FATE Drops Brand New Song At First Concert In 23 Years

Influential Danish metalworkers MERCIFUL FATE played their first gig in 23 years earlier tonight (Thursday, June 2) at Expo Plaza in Hannover, Germany, as the opening act for VOLBEAT. The band’s seven-song set included a brand new track, “The Jackal of Salzburg”which should appear on MERCIFUL FATEnext studio album by, tentatively scheduled for 2023 via metal blade.

Join the leader King Diamond in MERCIFUL FATEthe current composition of are Hank Sherman on the guitar, Bjarne T. Holm on the battery, mike wead on guitar and Joey Vera on bass.

The setlist was as follows:

01. The oath
02. The Salzburg Jackal (new song; live debut)
03. A soulless corpse
04. Curse of the Pharaohs
05. Bad
06. A dangerous encounter


07. Satan’s Fall

In 2019, it was announced that Vera would replace the original MERCIFUL FATE bass player Timi Hansen for the group’s appearances at European festivals in the summer of 2020 due to Hansencancer diagnosis. Hansen passed away in November 2019 and MERCIFUL FATEThe 2020 Summer Festival appearances were initially postponed to 2021 before being pushed back to 2022.

In a Tic livestream from a few days ago from the MERCIFUL FATE rehearsals, which took place in Glostrup, Denmark, King revealed that he and his bandmates are planning to debut a brand new song at the 2022 shows. “We’re trying,” he said. “We’re still working on a song. I wrote the final lyrics the day we left [for rehearsals], I would say, and that’s a few days ago. So the others didn’t hear me sing the song at all. We played some riffs of it yesterday. I didn’t sing it at the time. But it comes [along] here. In the next few days we will see where it takes us.”

With regard to the musical and lyrical content of the short story MERCIFUL FATE song, King said, “It’s quite a monster, I’d say. It’s almost nine minutes long. So it’s not just a little [tune]. We hope we can play it. We will do everything in our power to play it. It’s not registered yet. So whatever version we might play for you might change before it’s fully recorded. Some drums have been recorded – that’s what I can say. But we will do our best to play it. We put it at the start of the set itself. But it’s something to look forward to, definitely. And now we have to make it sound right, because the early demos have a lot of things in them that create a certain vibe overall, which we can’t do [when we perform it]. The live version will be different. I can’t do the backing vocals, of course, which are meant for the song. But it’s also a challenge, making a version that works live, of course, [with the] vocal lines. It will be funny. It’s gonna be heavy. The subject is very heavy too. We are back in 1675 to 1690. It is a piece of history that we are describing – an unpleasant piece of history,” he added, possibly referring to the Salzburg witch trials.

Back in October 2020, Vera Told dead rhetoric on how it landed MERCIFUL FATE concert: “I was friends with King for some time. SAINT IN ARMOR tour with King in 1988-89; we’ve been friends and label mates forever. So he came to see me when I was on tour with WARNING OF FATE proof QUEENSRŸCHE in Dallas where he lives. He came to see the show. [Metal Blade Records owner] Brian Slagel was in town. King took me aside behind the scenes and told me the story of Timi was undergoing chemotherapy and had booked a summer tour and wasn’t sure he would be well enough to make it. If he wasn’t, would I consider stepping in and helping. Of course, I was flabbergasted and honored, yeah. I had nothing else to do – it was supposed to happen this summer. In the spotlight Timi and help them, please ask me. Deep inside I was thinking Timi pull through, he would have enough energy to do it. Unfortunately, I was wrong and it was devastating.”

Two years ago, Sherman confirmed that he is working on the first new music from MERCIFUL FATE in more than two decades. At the time, he said of the writing process: “First of all, King lives in Texas, USA. I live here north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Drummer [Bjarne T. Holm] is also here, so I work with him in the rehearsal room to shape the new songs. The other guitarist [Mike Wead] is in Stockholm, Sweden, and our new bassist [Joey Vera] is in Los Angeles. So everything is [being done via] drop box or emails.”

He continued: “I think there are about six or seven [tracks that are] about to be ready. The first song was sent to King after it was mixed and all the guys played on the song. So I sent the files to Joey in Los Angeles; he did the bass. And then I sent the same files to Mike in Stockholm; he did his solos. And now King has the first song, evaluating which vocals to add. And then we’ll rearrange some parts to be twice as long and stuff like that.”

MERCIFUL FATEthe latest studio album by, “9”came out in 1999.

MERCIFUL FATE will be remembered for its undoubted mark in metal history with its innovative sound, intricate arrangements, memorable melody and influence on bands that later took the genre to new heights.

In 1998, METALLIC paid tribute to MERCIFUL FATE recording a classical medley MERCIFUL FATE songs on the album “Garage Inc.” Title “Merciful Fate”the medley included parts of “The Fall of Satan”, “The Curse of the Pharaohs”, “A Soulless Corpse”, “In the Coven” and “Bad”.

Lars Ulrich of METALLIC (a Danish compatriot) played drums on a new version of MERCIFUL FATEit is “Return of the Vampire” on the “In the dark” album released in 1993.

Merciful Fate (2022)

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Mercyful Fate – A Soulless Corpse
Hannover, Germany 02/06/2022

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