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Meet Prod Umuhungu, a rising music producer | The new times

PROD UMUHUNGU as he is best known is a young upcoming producer who was initially an artist but later was inspired to join the music production industry and threw himself into it.

The 23-year-old, real name Dieudonne Tuyizere, started music production in January 2021, having been inspired by producer Kina Beat after realizing all the producer had achieved in music production.

Born and raised in Bugesera district, Prod Umuhungu studied music production because he wanted to be a musician so that it would be easy for him to work with producers and make good music. After meeting producer Kina Beat, he decided to quit singing and take all possible lessons from Kina Beat.

“It was easy for me to approach Kina Beat because he is a very humble guy, so I learned everything I needed from him as a producer. I started producing music for different artists and with each song, I was able to learn and improve daily,” he said.

The young producer works on different genres but especially on trap, drill, slat and afrobeat. He has produced many songs for several artists including Rass King, Generous 44, Madaggy, Gavana and Tello among others. He also played a big role in the production of Rass King’s “Diploma Yapfuye” album and Gavana x kossovo Music’s “6 Pacs” album.

“As a rising producer, it’s a privilege to have my own studio called ‘Capslock Music’ and it gives me so many opportunities as a producer, it’s a big step forward that I’m grateful and proud of. We plan to sign different artists with great potential in music soon,” Prod Umuhungu said.

Talking about production in Rwanda, the young producer said it was doing well compared to a few years ago when there were very few studios and producers who were not fully equipped.

He added that the fact that artists from outside Rwanda are looking for producers here shows how production in Rwanda has grown and believes that the best is yet to come.

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