Musical producer

Meet Osee, a producer and melodic who has his own brand of clothing.

One would recognize by its name the label “ITSOSEEMUSIC” at the beginning and at the end of the hit songs.

Welcome Osee is a producer, composer and melodic based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Osee is 26 years old and was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and moved to Canada when he was 12 years old. Before getting into music production, Osee pursued a career as a footballer. Yet, unfortunately, he was unable to continue training due to the high fees in the Canadian soccer system.

Welcome Osee has always been passionate about music since a young age but never had the right mentor to guide him in the right direction. He discovered his style by learning from his mentor, listening to all songs regardless of genre, watching YouTube tutorials and combining Afrobeat, Zouk, Rnb, Trap, Lo-fi, EDM and Christian music in his work. Osee Music began offering underserved youth and other members of our community who cannot afford the cost of music production an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in music production with industry standard quality. Her goal is to empower the arts education of at-risk and underserved youth, by building a relationship. This is a great opportunity for artists, music lovers and passionate members of the community who believe that music – learning music, being surrounded by music, being part of the music-making process – is a powerful tool to generate transformation. positive social. He started helping the local artist by collecting and donating the used clothes to them. It mainly helps to raise funds for artists who cannot afford the cost of production. Second, donations are used for artists’ music videos. Most of the time, they have to go out and buy new clothes that are only used once or twice. He opened his own Osee Apparel Brand where they sell their own branded hoodies. All proceeds are used to help the artists’ production costs. Other items such as t-shirts, beanies and bucket hats will also be available.

It will work with charities, thrift stores, suppliers and buyers, facilitating the sale and purchase of bulk used clothing and other second-hand goods. He believes that music is an opportunity that should be accessible to everyone, regardless of social or economic status, while remaining affordable.