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Marvel Producer Invites Paul Rudd to Do First MCU Podcast

Paul Rudd is one of Marvel Studios’ biggest names still involved in the growth of the MCU, having most recently played Scott Lang/Ant-Man in the past year. What if…?. While he is currently preparing for his third solo film, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniait also found its way into the first episode of Ms. Marvel on Disney+.

Iman Vellani’s solo series doubles as an homage to the Avengers within the MCU thanks to Kamala Khan’s obsession with the team and notable love for Carol Danvers. While Captain Marvel is Kamala’s biggest inspiration, she also knows all about Earth’s other Mightiest Heroes, including someone in Ant-Man who pitched the idea of ​​saving half of humanity.

Episode 1 of Ms. Marvel revealed that Scott Lang actually has his own podcast within the MCU called “Big Me Little Me, A Scott Lang Interview,” which Kamala used for research as she made her 10-part Avengers video series.

It turns out that the pros behind this new MCU series are now set to expand this podcast even further into reality.

Marvel Staff Want Paul Rudd’s MCU Podcast

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Ms. Marvel chief writer Bisha K. Ali spoke with The envelope and Fandom about introducing Scott Lang’s podcast to the MCU in his show’s first episode.

Ali expressed his intense desire to make this podcast real, wondering why the MCU couldn’t “grow in podcasting” more heavily in the future. Sharing her own obsession with podcasts and calling them her “relaxation area,” she went out of her way to urge Ant-Man star Paul Rudd to work with her to bring the fictional podcast to the real world:

“I’m desperate to listen to this podcast and desperate to do so. Like, too, why should not is the MCU getting into podcasting? Do you like fiction podcasts? I mean, Paul Rudd, what’s up? Let’s do it. I’ll write it down, you just sat in a booth. It will be a good time. I would like to hear it. And also because — I don’t know, it may not be for everyone, but for me, podcasts are my relaxation space. As if I was obsessed with podcasts. So yeah, I can see Kamala just sitting around listening to it all the time. I would like to.

Ali revealed that Scott Lang is the main reason the general MCU public knows about the final battle in Avengers: Endgamelaughing like she said “We got it!” when asked if they had an answer to this question.

While Ali isn’t sure who specifically came up with the idea for Ant-Man to be so outspoken about this battle, she clarified that it wasn’t her:

“I can’t even tell you. It was definitely not me who came up with this idea, because I had all sorts of banana ideas for this in the beginning.

After also working as a writer on LokiAli shared how her time on this series helped her work on some of the moving pieces from other projects, such as Ms. Marvel. She noted how many projects are in development at once, which the writers can use to their advantage to answer questions fans may have as the franchise progresses:

“That was one of the moving parts that we had a lot of time on because, also, while you’re doing a [Marvel] show, other shows at Marvel are coming out, other movies are coming out. So if something changes, it’s like, ‘Oh, can we use this to answer a question on our show?’ And so you adapt this piece over time – things like that – in terms of interconnectivity. I really don’t know who came up with this track, but when it all came together, it’s so funny. It’s so fair.

Ali reflected on how she loved Ant-Man “During a very long time,” teasing that this podcast will actually be an influence on Ms. Marvel also in the following episodes:

“I’ve been obsessed with Ant-Man for a very long time, which is why you’ll see in other episodes how it comes into play. And the fact that it’s the solution makes my heart race.”

Ms. MarvelThe editor of has once again shared how much she wants to work on this podcast series, almost begging Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige to let her write it and get in touch with Rudd herself- same :

“I’m desperate. I’m desperate to be like, ‘Kevin [Feige], please let me write the podcast and call Paul Rudd!’ I bet we can get it done. I bet anything he would record a podcast for us.

Paul Rudd in demand for the MCU podcast

Paul Rudd has certainly had a major impact on the MCU over the past seven years as Ant-Man, having become a fan favorite through his solo and team-up efforts. Although it has already impacted a few Disney+ shows, most recently being referenced a few times in Hawk Eye ahead of Ms. Marvel, it’s clear the MCU can’t get enough of him or his character.

With dozens of Disney+ movies and shows already lined up for the next few years, it’s unlikely Marvel Studios will go the route of creating its own podcasts within the MCU. But if anyone could create a series that fans would be drawn to, it’s a series with the kind of comedic expertise that Rudd and Ali showed during their time in the MCU.

Fans will at least be eager to hear if and when this podcast makes its presence felt again in Ms. Marvelespecially as Kamala continues to show her love for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

The first episode of Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney+, and Episode 2 will debut Wednesday, June 15. Paul Rudd will make his next appearance as Ant-Man in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniawhich will be released in theaters on February 17, 2023.