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Man accused of being an ‘American fugitive’ found guilty of abusing Glasgow hospital staff

Man accused of being an ‘American fugitive’ found guilty of abusing Glasgow hospital staff

A man accused of being US fugitive Nicholas Rossi was today found guilty of abusing senior hospital staff.

Arthur Knight, 35, behaved in a threatening or abusive manner on a ward at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow on July 5, 2022.

Knight, in a wheelchair, jumped out of bed and ran to consultant Evelyn Millar and nurse Yasmin Bagli.

The couple fled Knight in fear for their safety, Nurse Bagli locking herself in another room.

Knight had gone wild after being told by the couple that he was fit to be sent home.

Knight – who uses an oxygen mask – had previously called them derogatory names and told them to “shut the fuck up”.

He was found guilty by Sheriff Joseph Platt who said the Crown witnesses testified “understatedly” and “there was no exaggeration”.

The Sheriff added: “The evidence that he cannot stand on his legs was not credible when compared to the testimony of Crown witnesses.”

Knight, of the city’s Woodlands, was fined £400.

The charge against which he was convicted states that Knight goes by other names such as Nicholas Rossi, Nicholas Alahverdian, Nicholas Brown, Arthur Winston Brown and Arthur Knight Brown.

He is out on bail from Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court of Appeal, where he faces extradition to the US on an alleged sexual assault.

The court heard from Dr Millar, 58, who said his patient was known to him as ‘Arthur Knight Brown’.

She claimed she was able to talk to Knight – who was lying in bed – on his third attempt with Nurse Bagli while he was asleep.

Prosecutor Julie Clark asked if the doctor had made up his mind about his accent.

She replied: “I don’t really remember, when he spoke he had an oxygen mask on and it’s hard to be clear.”

She added that she thought Knight was still and was initially “pretty calm”.

The witness said: “I wasn’t sure what he was going to say, but we listened to him and he made it clear that he was unhappy with the care we were giving him and that he didn’t was unhappy with the prospect of being sent home for medical reasons.”

Dr Millar said Knight then made ‘obscenities’ and regularly used the ‘F-word’.

She said: “He got more aggressive and jumped out of bed and that’s when I realized he wasn’t happy with things.

“He jumped out of bed and started coming towards us. He got out of bed at a very fast speed.

“As he came towards us, he was inches from our faces, we were completely terrified, we thought he was coming to hurt us.

“Yasmin said ‘run’ and I said ‘yes’ and we literally ran out of the room. It was extremely scary.”

Mrs. Clark asked if Knight had his oxygen mask.

Dr Millar replied: “Coming towards us the mask fell off, he was talking a lot without the oxygen mask on.”

Ms. Clark then asked what the witness believed caused the incident.

She replied, “I don’t think he wanted to be sent home, that’s my opinion, or that he wasn’t happy with our exit plan.”

The witness said she and Nurse Bagli were fired from work and did not return for two days.

David Kinloch, defending, said: “Is it possible that the reason he had, assuming on your evidence that he was screaming, swearing and jumping out of bed, was that he was suffering from a seizure?”

Dr Millar replied: “I’m quite sure it wasn’t a seizure.”

Nurse Bagli, 27, told the court Knight was admitted to A&E for “chest pain and coloristic seizures.”

She claimed Knight told them to “shut the fuck up” when it was revealed he would be released.

The witness claimed she ran away thinking she was “going to be in danger”.

The nurse said she locked herself in another room for her safety after the incident.

She added that she returned to Knight’s room five minutes later where he was “sitting on the floor” and screaming.

Knight, in his testimony, told the court that he was an ancient civilization scholar and author.

He said he was “upset” with Dr Millar about the way his wife Miranda had addressed him.

Knight said he called the doctor to his room to discuss his medication and had no problem getting out.

He added that he “pushed” off his bed with his elbows and used his elbows to walk towards the bedroom door.

Mr Kinloch told Knight he was ‘aggressively yelling, swearing’ and calling the nurses derogatory names.

He replied, “That’s wrong.”

Mrs. Clark, in cross-examination, asked why the doctors screamed and ran from the room.

Knight replied, “I’m afraid the answer to that question is unknown.”