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Mahō Shōjo Magical Destroyers Anime Video Reveals Main Cast, More Staff, 2023 Premiere – Up News Info

The official site of Mahō Shōjo Magic Destroyers (Magical Girl Magical Destroyers), an original TV anime by an underground art and music creator Jun Inagawa, revealed a new visual and teaser video for the anime on Friday. The video spotlights the magical girl Anarchy and reveals the main cast members, more staff, and the anime’s 2023 premiere.

The cast includes:

Makoto Furukawa as an Otaku hero

Fairouz Ai like anarchy

Ami like blue

Tomoyo Kurosawa like pink

Inagawa is credited for the original story and character designs, based on concepts from his previous art projects. Hiroshi Ikehata (FLCL Progressive, Kiratto Pri☆Chan) directs the anime to Bibury Animation Studio (Grisaia: Ghost Trigger, The Quintessential Quintuplets ∬, Azure Lane). Massao Kawase (Azure Striker Gunvolt action director, Kiratto Pri☆Chan assistant director) is the assistant director. Daishiro Tanimura (Gargantia on the Verdant Planet, Golden Kamuy episode scriptwriter) is in charge of the scripts for the series.

Inagawa directed a previous live-action teaser, while udai was credited for “movie.” Manjimaru Shimada was also considered a “magical girl” and Ucary & the Valentine composed the music. Anan Kaminaka was the producer. Graphic designer GUCCIMAZE designed the logo.

Inagawa is known for blurring the lines between various subcultures such as anime and music. Although Inagawa has collaborated with many clothing brands and musicians, this is the first project in which he was able to create what he “really wanted to do”.

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