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LOONA’s label says reports of Chuu leaving the company are ‘baseless’

LOONA’s label BlockBerry Creative released a statement regarding recent reports that Chuu is parting ways with the company.

The South Korean music label took to the girl group’s official fancafe page yesterday (June 23) to post an official statement regarding recent reports that member Chuu is planning to leave the label.

These reports first surfaced earlier this week, with multiple outlets claiming the K-pop idol was in talks to sign an exclusive contract with BY4M Studio, widely known for being a social media agency and digital marketing, after his departure from Blockberry Creative (BBC) is finalized.

However, Blockberry Creative has since claimed that such “Chuu-related content” is “baseless”. He added that the reports have “confused fans and the public with the expression of the officials [from the company]”.

“All LOONA members trust each other and cooperate to achieve their dreams. Therefore, the company will support the members’ dreams and try their best to help the members focus on promoting this album,” the company said. “We want to say that the BBC takes legal action if there is a problem that disrupts this.”

The label maintained that there is “no position” from either the company or Chuu, and announced that it “will actively respond to unknown facts or one-sided articles and comments that damage the reputation of the company and its members.

“We would like to inform you that we will respond strongly to malicious broad interpretation or any action that encourages it, malicious posts and comments beyond the mere expression of opinion, with impunity,” the BBC concluded. .

Earlier this month, Blockberry Creative announced that Chuu will not be joining LOONA on the group’s upcoming “LOONATHEWORLD” world tour. In a statement posted on the band’s official fan cafe website, the agency said the singer had “scheduled activities” that prevented her from joining the band.

Despite this, Chuu was still featured in LOONA’s long-awaited comeback with the new mini album “Flip That”. The release was accompanied by an ethereal visual for the title track of the same name.