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Lollipop Chainsaw Producer Addresses Remake Concerns

The Chainsaw Lollipop the remake was announced last week, but some fans had notable concerns. It won’t include all the music tracks, and producer Yoshimi Yasuda mentioned that its graphics would be “more realistic”. These reveals kind of sparked some excitement for the game, as the original was well known for its excellent soundtrack and colorful visuals. Today, Yasuda returned to Twitter to address fans, covering topics ranging from design to censorship.

Yasuda writes that the studio, Dramagi Games, has no intention of creating something that fans won’t recognize. The original plan was to remaster the 2012 gore fest. However, the team hit their first major hurdle with music licensing. Yasuda writes that the music was “a big part of the original game’s vibe”. Without some of those tone-setting beats, Dramagi instead decided to go for a “remake as close to a remaster as possible.”

It was also feared that the story of Chainsaw Lollipop will change with the remake. The story is “a big part of what fans love about the original game,” Yasuda wrote. It “will not be changed in the remake”.

Look good

But what about those “realistic visuals” promised for the remake? According to Yasuda, the studio “has no intention of changing the aesthetics of the game”. Regarding the previous post, Yasuda meant that the remake will take advantage of modern hardware for better graphics. The workshop, made up of former Chainsaw Lollipop developers, also have no plans to give Juliet a new look.

“We don’t wish to change the design of Juliet, and the assumption we want is baseless,” he wrote. “We were the ones who created Juliet’s model data after great trial and error ten years ago, and we feel attached to her more than anyone else.”

Finally, Yasuda touched on censorship issues. The studio plans to discuss the “problem with platform holders,” but can’t say much more than that. However, Yasuda reiterates that the team wants the Chainsaw Lollipop redo to “be as close to the original as possible” and will negotiate to make it happen.

The remake is still in development, but the studio is aiming for a 2023 release.