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Lizzo launches YITTY, an inclusive plus size shapewear brand | arts and entertainment

Lizzo’s plus-size body positivity movement is paying off.

The Grammy-winning superstar announced on Wednesday the launch of a revolutionary new shapewear brand that caters to all body types, especially taller ones.

YITTY, backed by Fabletics, Inc., is described as “shameless, smile-inducing shapewear designed for all body types that blurs the lines of indoor and outdoor apparel with intentional, functional designs, sexy silhouettes and bright colors.”

On sale April 12, the brand will offer sizes ranging from 6X to XS, deliberately listing the larger sizes first.

“Instead of thinking about size in this linear way, we think about it on a spectrum where everyone is included,” Lizzo said in a statement. “Everyone’s height is just their height. It’s not high, it’s not low. It’s not big, it’s not small. It’s just your height.

The “Juice” singer further explained that for most of her life, she was told to “reshape” her body to uphold society’s beauty standards.

“I felt like I was constantly being told on TV and in magazines that my body wasn’t good enough. And, to be considered ‘acceptable’, I had to inflict some kind of pain on it. to fit an archetype of beauty. Because of that, I’ve been wearing shapewear for a long time, maybe since I was in fifth or sixth grade,” she said.

Created and co-founded by the 33-year-old singer, rapper and flautist, YITTY will launch with the release of three drops: Nearly Naked, described as a “lightweight, seamless collection” for everyday wear; MESH ME, designed to be worn as underwear or outerwear; and MAJOR LABEL, everyday lifestyle pieces that are “super sweet and super bossy.”

Some of the bodycon pieces will be available in lavender, taupe and other colors that reflect Lizzo’s musical tastes and song title usage.

“I was tired of seeing this sad, restrictive shapewear that literally nobody wanted to wear,” she added. “I had an epiphany like, ‘who can actually do anything about this?'”

She added: “I decided to take up the challenge of making women feel good about themselves again.”

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