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Lim Young Woong And BTS Named Top Singers In May Brand Rankings

Proving their impressive musical influence, Lim Young Woong and BTS recently topped the singer brand reputation rankings for the month of May!

Continually setting records left and right, trotting singer Lim Young Woong and phenomenal K-Pop boy band BTS are definitely in the limelight in May. They recently topped the brand rankings for all singers, proving that they are indeed unstoppable.

According to recent data released by the Korean Business Research Institute, Lim Young Woong and BTS have once again secured first and second place in the brand reputation rankings for singers.

The list provided by the organization is based on several factors, including consumer participation and media, communication, interaction and community indices. Notably, the institute was able to analyze 137,738,602 big data of singer brands from April 21 to May 21. Compared to the 135,835,516 big data of singer brands in April, it increased by 1.40%.


Dominating the list with great pride, Lim Young Woong gained a Brand Reputation Index of 11,925,044. It was up 46.2% from its April data.

Specifically, the singer had an Participation Index of 2,794,245, a Media Index of 2,741,052, a Communication Index of 3,685,047, and a Community Index of 2,704,700.

Meanwhile, BTS ranked second with a Brand Reputation Index of 11,418,407. This marked a 4.79% increase in their score since last month.

The top boy group had a participation index of 1,542,796, a media index of 3,313,250, a communication index of 3,503,163, and a community index of 3,059,198.


Popular soloists PSY and IU take third and fourth place. The former superbly achieved a Brand Reputation Index of 10,749,221, while the latter earned a Brand Reputation Index of 5,509,352. The UI Index has increased by 40.89% since April.

Showing off their incredible popularity, charismatic girl group BLACKPINK and fellow trotting singer Lee Chan Won scored fifth and sixth place. Meanwhile, IVE, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN, and OH MY GIRL placed seventh through tenth respectively.

Check out the other stars who made this month’s Top 30:

#11 Kang Daniel

#12 Jeong Dong Won


#14 Song Ga In


#16 Young Tak

#17 Jang Min Ho

#18 Lee Seung Gi

#19 I am Chang Jung


#21 Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation

#22 Jesse

#23 Lee Seung Yoon

#24 Kim Hee Jae

#25 The joy of red velvet

#26 Jannabi

#27 EXO

#28 Brave Girls

#29 Sung Si Kyung

#30 Lee Solomon

Source: Celuvmedia

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