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Lil Nas X joins YSL Beauty as the latest American brand ambassador

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Lil Nas X has joined YSL Beauty as the newest US brand ambassador.

Over the past few years, the young talent has had a massive impact on the music industry as one of the few openly gay and celebrated LGBTQ+ artists.

From releasing record-breaking singles to delivering jaw-dropping performances, Lil Nas X has proven to not only be a musical powerhouse, but a beloved pop culture phenomenon as well.

With her music career showing no signs of slowing down, LNX aims to expand her influential reach with a new partnership with YSL Beauty.

On August 26, the Grammy winner announced that he had joined the luxury brand as the new US Ambassador.

In his new role, the Industry Baby rapper will star in various campaigns for a wide range of YSL Beauty products, including their highly pigmented Rouge Pur Couture lipstick, Y men’s fragrance and Lash Clash mascara.

Lil Nas X will also feature the cutie mark in an unreleased track.

In a statement, the Scoop singer expressed his excitement for the partnership before praising YSL for embracing his campiness.

“It’s been great fun working on this campaign with YSL Beauté – they’re such an iconic brand, and I’m excited to be a part of something so unique and groundbreaking in the beauty world,” he said. -he declares.

“Thank you YSL for embracing me and my camp and inspiring change for the next generation of beauty.”

YSL Beauty echoed similar sentiments in a statement and described the partnership as a celebration of the “transformative power of beauty, inspiring independent self-expression for individuals and communities committed to changing the world alongside YSL”.

Laetitia Raoust, US Managing Director of YSL Beauty, added, “The synergies between the brand and Lil Nas X’s unwavering passion for individuality are driving this partnership with the hope that it will strengthen the next generation of beauty.

Check out Lil Nas X’s debut campaign with YSL Beauty here or below.