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Let The World Unite by Norwegian artist, songwriter and producer Siri Black

Siri Black is a versatile artist, songwriter and producer. She grew up in a multicultural home in Norway, with her father from Senegal and Gambia, and her mother from the Faroe Islands, Scotland and Lapland. Her need to share her message of love and equality animates each project she carries out with force, and let the world unite is no exception.

let the world unite had its world premiere in Togo, West Africa, when Plan International invited Siri to attend its high-level meeting with world leaders: the Global Girl Summit. After hearing Siri’s music, Plan International wanted her to speak about equality, diversity and unity and also to perform at the closing ceremony. Even though the song hasn’t been released yet, Siri decided to play let the world unite during his televised concert in West Africa. The response was sublime… Siri Black travels to the Faroe Islands quite often to see her family. It was there that she met producer and songwriter Bardur Haberg.

Bardur, with her impressive track record including songs for Disney and Billboard hits in Asia, contacted Siri after hearing her on Faroese radio. They ended up creating let the world unite together, and now share their creation with the rest of the world!

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