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Legends of Guåhan: Breaking Wave Theater Company releases podcast season schedule |

Breaking Wave Theater Company has released the dates for its first season of podcasts, “Legends of Guåhan”.

The pieces are a collection of adaptations of famous CHamoru legends. The adaptations were written by playwrights from CHamoru and the cast is full of local voices.

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“Their chapter has long been closed, but the story, dear listener, continues with you,” Raycia Marie Charfauros says of her adaptation of Puntan yan Fu’una. “You carry within you fragments of our ancestors; echoes of the limitless creativity and strength they held when our world began.

“BWTC’s goals are to use the arts to promote lifelong learning, to enhance well-being through self-expression, and to foster a community of artists and audiences,” according to a new release from the theater company.

Episodes will be released every Friday in September and will be available on all major podcast platforms.

Release date

  • September 2: “Punta yan Fu’una”, written by Raycia Marie Charfauros and directed by Sierra O’Neill.
  • September 9: “I Trongkon Niyok”, written by Rayanna Guzman and directed by Joyce Torres.
  • September 16: “A New Way of Life” (A Trongkon Lemmai Adaptation), written by Robin Berl and directed by Jayna Shoda Meyer.
  • September 23: “Chaife’s Lost Soul”, written by JD Anderson and directed by Joyce Torres.
  • September 30: “The group of badass mermaids (and their girlfriends) who saved an entire island of ass like your aunt Bobbie said”, written by Reed Flores and directed by Sierra O’Neill.