Musical brand

Lata Mangeshkar was a global brand

Dear Editor,

The Singing Nightingale of India sang its last song, crooned its last symphonic melody to man and hymn to the gods of music, took its last salute on the earthly stage which it dominated for the incredible span of eight decades . Superlatives follow one another like an impetuous torrent for this holy singer who has thrilled audiences all over India and resonated to the other side of the world in Guyana, Trinidad and Suriname. Even in Western societies, the grandeur of her style and unique voice has cut many, which speaks volumes about her wide, almost global appeal, and the enchantments she has brought to dozens, if not hundreds of million listeners worldwide. . It is perhaps not incorrect to say that his admirers numbered in the hundreds of millions. I am a.

In recognition of his long and outstanding contribution to music, Lata received the highest civilian honor his native India could bestow. Most amazing of all is that she was equally honored with her highest civilian honor by France, of all places. In saying this, we remember that the French have an ear, an eye and a deep appreciation for cultural heights, which Lata personified and delivered in spades relentlessly. In fact, it is in homage to her musical stature that Lata, this almost exclusively Hindi-speaking singer, could have enjoyed a favorable reception and a large audience in predominantly Muslim Pakistan and Bangladesh.

In Guyana, she had, and would still have, her legions of admirers and followers, for whom even her disappearance does not cut the cord, makes no difference; once this voice is present on a channel or a musical medium, it will be delighted and will be a source of romantic nostalgia for the great memories it has instilled in many. Again, Lata’s almost unrivaled ability, this almost effortless ease, to cross boundaries and obstacles, even without conscious effort, has its place and result here in Guyana. We say this because there are Afro-Guyanese who could speak with admiration, even admiration, of “Dheere, dheere, machal”, one of his timeless classics that has triumphed over the limits of time. There is so much more to say about this great lady of music.


GHK Lall