Musical staff

Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival staff set up for this weekend’s race at Barker’s Island

BARKER’S ISLAND, Wisc. – The long rowboats will participate in the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival this weekend and setup preparations are underway at Barker’s Island.

The festival is the biggest charity fundraiser that even the town of Superior can offer. This weekend’s event has resurfaced after being canceled for the past two years. This was due to the closure of the Canadian border due to the pandemic.

Staff and volunteers were busy setting the stage for runners and spectators from across the state for the boat race. Earlier in the day, the docks were prepared and tents were set up for their beer garden.

This year, the festival chairman said, “We are making the boards that we will use to get from the shore to the dock where the teams enter the festival. We are here installing electricity at the moment, we will have eight different food vendors here, we are going to have more traditional vendors than we have had in the past”.

The festival kicks off tomorrow on Barker’s Island at 4 p.m., with an opening ceremony close to 5 p.m., with musical acts to follow. The boats hit the water early Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m.