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Laibach releases brand new song Ich will ein Deutscher sein

The mischievous agents-provocateurs Laibach released a brand new song Ich will ein Deutscher sein, which you can listen to below. It’s from the band’s upcoming album. Wir sind das Volk (ein Musical aus Deutschland)which will be released on Mute Records on March 25 as a deluxe CD with extensive liner notes, and digitally, the following double vinyl on June 10.

The album collects music from Laibach’s theatrical production Wir sind das Volk (“We are the People”), which premiered in February 2020 and is based on the writings of German playwright Heiner Müller.

“We followed Heiner Müller’s own strategy of cutting and rearranging the material, taking his lyrics and putting them in another context, restarting them with music, in order to draw the audience into it or ‘get away from it,’ the group explains. releases emotions and is therefore an excellent manipulation tool and a powerful propaganda weapon. And that’s why a combination of Heiner Müller, who saw the theater as a political institution, and Laibach, can be nothing but a musical.

Laibach’s own association with the theater began in 1984 when they composed music for Quartet by Heiner Müller, a play presented at the Slovenian National Theater in Ljubljana. The following year, they met Müller in Berlin, who offered them to collaborate. Müller then used Laibach’s music in a production, but the collaboration never took place, until the head of the International Heiner Müller Society, Anja Quickert, proposed a posthumous project based on Müller’s texts.

The album cover and inner sleeve are Epiphany II: Adoration of the Shepherds (1998, collection of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco) and Epiphany I: Adoration of the Magi (1996, collection of the Denver Art Museum) by renowned Austrian-Irish artist Gottfried Helnwein. Taken from his Epiphany series, some of his most recognizable works, the painting reflects two of the central themes of his work: childhood and National Socialism.

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Laibach: Wir sind das Volk (ein Musical aus Deutschland)
1. Philoktet
2. Der Vater
3. Medea Material
4. Ich bin der Engel der Verzweiflung
5. Flieger, grüß mir die Sonne
6. Ordnung und Disziplin (Müller versus Brecht)
7. Traumwald
8. Lessing or Das Ende der Aufklärung
9. Im Herbst 197.. starb… (instrumental)
10. Ich will ein Deutscher sein
11. Ich war die Wunde