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Korean Producer 250 to Release Unreleased Debut Album ‘PPONG’ |

korean producer 250who worked on many hits like BTS, ITZY and NCT 127, finally releases his first album PPONG.

Versatile musician embarks on his long-running album venturing to merge Korean ppong-jack music with modern electronic dancefloor music. As a sought-after DJ for events like Seoul Fashion Week and Kitsune House club nights, the visionary producer seeks to bring the traditional form of music out of its obscurity and present it to listeners with a trendy blend of his experience animating dancefloors.

pong is a genus born at the beginning ’20 years but slowly faded from the mainstream as globalization accelerated, bringing Western musical trends to the world. Though considered cheesy, bawdy, comedic, or even not to be taken seriously, 250 is committed to preserving the legacy that comes with the genre. KoreaThe “tumultuous 20th century,” he says, is carried into the genre, capturing its stories of war, division, and nostalgic grief.

For four years, the south korean DJ contacted legendary trotting numbers like Epaksa and Na Woon Dohas traveled the country in search of these elusive sounds and turned them into a modern sensibility for his next album, due out on March 18.

The debut album would also include the artist’s previous single ‘BangBus‘ which was published at the end of 2021. Pre-order the new album here.

look 250the journey of discovery p-pong in his YouTube docu series here: