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Kodak Black producer responds to Latto claims as 777 album premieres

Producer and longtime Kodak Black friend Dyryk responded to Latto’s claims that someone on his album made sexual advances towards him, HipHopDX reports.

The response comes after Kodak Black denied the person in question was him after speculation surfaced online. It should be noted that Latto did not name any specific rapper.

We’re breaking down everything we know amid the latest story developments…

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Latto’s claims explored in 777 premieres

Latto, whose real name is Alyssa Stephens, released her new album 777 on Friday March 25, which includes collaborations with several artists. These include 21 Savage, Lil Wayne, Childish Gambino, among others.

In a recent interview with Big Boy, the 23-year-old rapper claimed she had trouble dealing with any of the artists featured on her album.

“It’s a feature of my album that was hard to erase. They’re tryin’ to let me down ’cause I won’t respond to a DM” she pretended.

“We think like, ‘Oh, well, that’s just because the game is a rapper.’ No, it shouldn’t, though. You know you don’t do that to your fellow male rappers!

After Latto’s claims went viral, Kodak Black took to Twitter on March 22 to silence the rumors that he is the male collaborator Latto is referring to.

After Kodak Black’s statement, Latto spoke to Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM and admitted she didn’t want her claims to go viral.

She explained, “My intention was not, like, to make it a whole. I was just looking at it like, like, I’m a new rapper in the game. I wish someone could give me some insight into how these things really go.

“You hear, like, ‘Oh, female rappers have it harder.’ But I really wanted to give a little insight into what specifically makes it more difficult for a female rapper. I didn’t want it to distract from the music or anything, so I would have liked, in a somehow, not having said that.

HITC has reached out to Latto and Kodak Black for comment.

Rapper’s engineer responds to claims

In the latest story development, Dyryk, who is a producer for Kodak Black and other artists, responded to Latto’s claims that left many fans confused as to whether the rapper in question is Kodak Black.

Dyryk wrote, “Let me explain what this bulls**t is all about with @latto777. She asked for a feature a while ago. We charged her our normal rate and she wanted an exchange. Since her verses won’t get us anything, we requested a trade for our female artist and charged her a lot less. She refused and said she would not use the file.

He went on to say that Latto accepted their initial offer but turned down the artist in question.

Dyryk’s full response can be seen in the social media post shared by The Shade Room:

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