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Kate Moss launches wellness brand Cosmoss

Make room, Gwyneth Paltrow, because Kate Moss is coming. The model launched a beauty and wellness brand named Cosmoss on September 1 that aims to encourage “personal care created for life’s modern journeys to make them beautiful, fascinating and magical.” While Moss’ undeniable influence in fashion has seen her rise to iconic status, she’s also known for living a very rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. So, is the notorious partier really in a position to offer wellness advice? She might well be.

In an interview with British vogue, Moss addressed some of the doubters. “I learned to look at myself, look at my flaws and look at who I am. And not be afraid. I started meditating every day, doing transcendental meditation, wild swimming. . I have tried everything [new]”, she said. These new habits were inspired by declining physical health, which she felt she had to do something about. In her own unrestrained words, Moss’ adrenal glands and nervous system were ‘f*cked.’ So she turned to healthier habits and started seeing homeopath and spiritual guide Victoria Young in a bid to ‘fix them.’ Moss said she didn’t “never felt better”.

After spending her isolation in the Cotswolds countryside and being forced to reconnect with herself, Moss decided to take the plunge and bring her new found love of nature to the masses. She has since brought Young to her new brand to give Cosmoss some real credibility. With spirituality at its core, the brand focuses on nourishing the body inside and out through skincare, fragrances and a range of teas. The products were designed to replicate the daily “rituals” that Moss maintained for years to help him find balance with his hectic lifestyle.

If the word “ritual” sounds a little woo-woo, it’s actually just spiritual lingo for completing an activity at a certain time of day for a specific purpose. For this reason, you can purchase Cosmoss products individually or in Dawn, Day and Dusk Ritual Packs to reflect the fundamental pillars of Moss’ daily wellness routine. While the site is mostly product-based right now, there’s a section titled “Kate’s Corner,” leaving fans wondering if that leaves room for Paltrow-style blog tips. As it stands, there are only three posts: a photo of Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” album cover, which she says is her “musical inspiration”; a photo of Moss at the Ritz in Paris during Fashion Week, where heaven gave him the benchmark for tea packaging; and an image of an artwork by Emma Kunz, who also inspired Moss when creating her brand.

Image source: Cosmos

Yet the launch of Cosmoss has divided opinion. Astrologer Francesca Oddie sees brands like this as a way to get spirituality, and all the good it has to offer, more publicity. “I don’t mind celebrities coming out with spiritual brands. I think it’s good that spirituality is in and it’s the best way to bring it into the mainstream, as long as they bring in the experts,” she told POPSUGAR. Author Semra Haksever thinks differently. She feels the launch of Moss, which comes just months after Holly Willoughby’s Wylde Moon and just weeks after Moss was announced as Diet Coke’s creative director, dilutes the beliefs she holds so dear. “People already think spirituality is kinda trendy, and the celebrities hijacking it are making it exactly that way. It reeks of capitalism, which is the antithesis of everything it’s about,” he said. she told POPSUGAR. “It’s amazing if you’ve found something in wellness and feel great, but why do you need to tap into it?”

However, Moss doesn’t pretend to be some sort of guru or healthcare expert. Cosmoss’ goal is for her to share the benefits she has gained from her new holistic approach to life with the rest of the world. “A place where hedonism and well-being coexist”, specifies the press release shared with POPSUGAR. While we’re used to seeing the model on magazine covers and brand campaigns, Moss posted a more raw video of her completely naked walking into a lake to announce the launch. It seems that Moss is on a mission to make his “transformation” a signal that others can find a balance as well.

All six individual products are available for purchase now. Read ahead to see what they are and how to use them. But what are they really, how do you use them and what ingredients do they contain? Here’s a deep dive into each product.