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Kandi Burruss Alleges Former ‘RHOA’ Producer Carlos King Stole Xscape’s Lifetime Rights

Following online speculation that the two weren’t on good terms, during a recent interview, Kandi Burruss launched a shocking allegation against former “RHOA” producer Carlos King, when she said that went behind his back and stole the lifetime rights to his R&B group. xscape. Becoming visibly emotional as she remembered the alleged incident, Kandi Burruss said what Carlos King did was so unforgivable that she could never be friends with him again.

Kandi Burruss gave detailed account of how Carlos King not only stole the lifetime rights to Xscape, but also tried to use his mother to get an exclusive interview in the project without his knowledge.

“My main problem with Carlos is that he’s the one who stole my band’s life story and sold it to TVOne, and for that I just can’t live without him. He had worked with us for the whole season on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” The season ended in November and December and… I was talking to a [director] friend and I were like, ‘Hey, we should make a movie about our band’s life,’ and they were like, ‘Somebody’s already doing it,’ Kandi said.

She went on to add, “Come and find out he’s the person who made the deal with TV One to sell our life story and was going to try to ask my mum about us unknowingly to try and tell her. ‘get more info, I guess, for the Show.’

Kandi Burruss also revealed that she was the person responsible for getting Carlos King his first hit on “RHOA.” She said: “Our show was the first show he was the executive producer of. I literally fought for him to be the executive producer of my show, the lead executive producer. For you to have someone you dated… to do this to me, I have no respect for them.