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Jazz relaunches the brand with new uniforms, courts and products


In honor of those iconic days of the past, Utah Jazz will present a new version of themselves with four new uniforms and two new pitch designs for the 2022-23 season.

“Purple is back and here to stay,” said Utah Jazz president Jim Olson. “This collection of uniforms features the return of our color purple, which will be an integral part of our new designs in future Jazz seasons. Purple is loved by our fans and lives at the heart of our identity. Alongside our newly painted, these fresh yet familiar looks are a testament to our great history and vibrant future.

Purple has been a part of the Jazz color scheme since its inception in 1974 when the team played in New Orleans. One of the three original Mardi Gras colors, purple is what remained when the team moved to Utah, becoming one of the most iconic jerseys in NBA history with its prominent gradient mountain. from white to purple.

After making a brief appearance in the 2019-20 season as part of the Classic Edition uniform, the Purple Mountain is here for the season ahead as the design reflects the franchise’s proud history and hopes to replicate the next successful era. . The jersey will evolve over the next few years, with a new purple debuting at the start of the 2023 season.

Owner Ryan Smith and the Jazz want it known that the organization isn’t afraid of bright lights. In fact, Utah’s new uniforms reflect its proud past and prove that this is a team that will continue to shine in the spotlight.

The white and black uniforms symbolize the white and black keys of a piano, a significant element in the history of jazz music. The yellow jersey represents the designated spotlight to the greatest performers in history, a nod to the fact that Utah embraces being in the spotlight with all eyes watching.

The uniform range includes a new “Dark Mode” with “UTAH” on the chest, a white version with the note and a yellow variant with “JAZZ” on the chest. Each kit features enlarged front and back jersey numbers and retains the familiar angled side panels. The black shorts have JAZZ in shiny satin material on the waistband, while the white and yellow shorts feature UTAH.

The neck, arms and legs of all uniforms additionally feature a subtle matte/gloss taping material – yellow on the white and yellow uniforms and black on the black uniform.

The Jazz will reactivate a different version of the recent “Dark Mode” jersey for the new year, pairing it with its two most contrasting elements. The musical note is prominent in the design of the white uniform, and the color is elevated to a clean and striking level, resulting in a bold and confident look.

Another big change that fans around the world will notice will be the courts at Vivint Arena.

Evoking emotions from the past – in particular, Utah’s back-to-back trips to the NBA Finals in the late 90s – the classic Purple Mountain logo will be prominently displayed in midfield with a splash of purple on either end. The all-star logo will also be placed where players check in.

For the Core court, the iconic Note symbol will be placed in the center of the court. The wood panels will be angled rather than the typical horizontal look seen around the NBA, flowing in conjunction with the note to provide phenomenal symmetry.

But one of the most striking sections will be the chrome outline of the Note logo at the top and bottom of the pitch. As a nod to Utah hosting the 2023 NBA All-Star Game in February, the All-Star Game logo will be on center court where players go to check out the game.

“We wanted to try to be innovative in our approach to design, which we are aware of in everything we do,” said design director Ben Barnes. “With the new central terrain, it involved looking for new ways to make common elements. … With the updated mountain terrain, that meant finding ways to merge elements of the past with those of the present.”

With this new era officially underway, Jazz is making it easier than ever for fans to get involved and show their unwavering support.

Beginning on Friday morning and ending on Saturday evening, the Jazz Team Store will allow everyone to purchase the new merchandise. The new colorway will be available from short-sleeved shirts to hoodies, hats and everything in between – plus the new uniforms on the models so fans can get a good look at what to expect in October.

The event concludes with a day-long celebration on Saturday in the atrium and outside the arena. From appearances by Jazz Bear and corn hole jazz dancers, a basketball hoop and food carts, the party will start at 11 a.m. and continue until 6 p.m.

There will also be a kiosk set up inside the team store specifically for pre-ordering shirts and available online at

From 1983 to 2002, Utah was widely considered one of the NBA’s elite franchises.

Led by two future Hall of Famers in John Stockton and Karl Malone, and coaching legends Frank Layden and Jerry Sloan, the Jazz went to the playoffs a franchise-record 20 straight seasons. It all culminated in back-to-back NBA Finals appearances in 1997 and 1998.

So when Smith was growing up, he had only one dream: to play for the Jazz.

Although this never materialized, Smith instead achieved something he never considered as a young child – owning the franchise. He finally took over as majority owner of his beloved team in December 2020, making it very clear from the start what his goals were going forward.

He wants to be the man to help Salt Lake City win its first-ever championship. He wants his version of Jazz to not shun or shy away from the spotlight – instead, embrace it and shine brightest in the biggest moments.

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