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ITV supports new media brand Woo

New cultural media brand W00 – from the team behind VICE, iD, Boiler Room and LADbible – has been backed in a long-term partnership by ITV’s Studio 55 initiative, which invests in business ideas aimed specifically at young audiences

Woo says his goal is to “redefine wellness for an entire generation, through social media, podcasts, video, editorial and products.”

Manifesting itself as a mix of digital editorial content and, from the end of this year, a marketplace full of products that aim to make people feel good, Woo will live on through a social digital ecosystem of podcasts, d editorials, products and videos – with key video content streaming on Woo Channels as well as ITV Hub.

Woo’s content will explore the cultural touchpoints that Gen Z are most concerned about (like fashion, art, music, movies, relationships, drugs, and mental health) through the lens of wellness . Featuring talents such as Niko B (YouTube music star), Oatmilk Leader (TikTok star) and Emma Breschi (British activist, model, image maker and changemaker for UN Women), Woo has assembled a team of directors and cutting-edge production companies on hero programming.

Stephen Mai, CEO and Founder of Woo, said: “At its core, Woo is a wellness movement designed to be the antidote to the toxic new cycle. Here to make wellness part of youth culture. We want our Gen-Z audience to engage with wellness the same way they engage with music, art, or fashion. We know Gen Z is anxious and the wellness industry doesn’t know how to talk to them. The ideas and products we talk about on Woo are designed to enhance and inspire people’s lives in much the same way as a music festival or art exhibition. Our intention is not to generate clicks, but to deliver solutions to mass audiences that have been ignored for too long… but to have fun while we do it. We plan to do this by disrupting content, distribution and business models that no longer work. A new media company cannot survive on advertising alone, and creating social communities has become a dark art. With a team full of industry disruptors and our community of young creators, we will reinvent a digital cultural proposition for today’s consumer habits. Let’s transform the anxious generation into a zen generation.

Dan Colton, Chief Strategy Officer of ITV Group, added: “Woo is an innovative Gen Z cultural brand rethinking the media model for 16-34 year olds. It mixes great storytelling with real purpose. Stephen has a proven track record of creating impactful, transformative and award-winning campaigns for brands such as LADbible, VICE, iD and Boiler Room. We are very excited for him to build a new youth-centric digital proposition that will attract new audiences to ITV and create a whole new kind of storytelling.